A man noticed a small creature at the edge of the bridge and took action

On her way home from work on her lunch break, Jassica was driving across a bridge when she saw something that almost caught her eye.

A small cat perched on the edge of the coffin.

When Jassica admitted that she was a little cat and that she definitely needed help, she took the initiative to spot her.

She turned as quickly as she could, with all she could believe the cat would surely be there.

Jassica stopped as safely as possible on the busy road. She was afraid that she might disturb the cat with her car, so she didn’t want to pull the car near her.

Jassica realized that the situation was unstable and tried her best to tread carefully.

When Jassica put the kitten safely in the car, she felt more at ease. She was very stressed, but she found a way to save her, and the cat seemed to feel better, too.

She just sat in the car as the couple drove home together, grateful that she would never hover at the edge of the extension again.

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