A man found 175 kg of nuts under the hood of his truck, hidden by a squirrel while on a business trip

A man named Bill Fishcher found a cache in his truck. The warehouse is full of walnuts.

This turned out to be a pleasant place for the squirrel to collect nuts. Since 2013, squirrels have a habit of hiding puzzle pieces in cars.

The squirrel chose this place because it was quite convenient for him. The man was used to the situation and just considered the squirrel’s actions humorous.

The red-haired “tenant” considers this place a very pleasant place for quality food on cold winter days.

The man has other cars, but the squirrel only likes the pickup. The man even parked the car in the distance, but the squirrel found the car to collect nuts there.

People who go to work, squirrel make a record. The squirrel hid 175 kg of supplies.

The man said he often loads these nuts into five-gallon buckets from his car. Now he collects a 7-gallon bucket.

The man decided to give away the seeds for free. He even added that it is difficult to find all the nuts hidden in the car.

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