A loyal dog is waiting for an old woman at the bus stop who saved her life after she was left alone on the side of the road

The little dog is always at the bus stop waiting for someone. The town is very small and there is only one bus going in and out of town.

It turned out that the cute puppy was waiting for the old lady who saved his life. That time the dog was hit by a car, only the woman helped the dog. Abandoned dog.

The dog was raised and cared for by this kind old woman, even though she was quite poor. She named the dog Bal bal. The woman locked her dog in a makeshift house because she couldn’t build a fence.

The woman goes somewhere by bus to get groceries, the dog runs from the kennel to the bus stop.

The dog waited for the woman and did not return home until the old woman returned home. The woman said she was doing everything she could to come back as soon as possible, but to no avail.

The dog waited until the woman returned. The poor woman couldn’t afford to do everything for the poor dog, but she tried her best.

In this way, the dog shows attachment to the woman. The dog likes to always be with the woman. The bond between the old woman and the dog was strong and genuine.

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