A Look Into Kayla Fischer And Johnny Lam Relationship

In season 13 of Marrying at First Sight, Johnny Lam marries Bao Hoang after a trial period, according to the series’ ritual. Lam’s season ended on November 24, 2021, Johnny and Bao parted ways after the show ended. Almost a year has passed, a new face has begun to appear on Lama’s social network. Kayla Fischer, a travel and food blogger, and Lam were spotted partying together in Texas. Fischer is a biotechnologist from Houston, Texas, where Lam’s Instagram photos were taken.

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Meet Kayla Fischer, Johnny Lam’s new girlfriend in Married At First Sight.

Kayla Fischer has just appeared on the Instagram profile of Johnny Lam, former Married at First Sight actress. They were seen kayaking and ziplining together and also visited Mount Bonnell. They were also seen eating together. According to Lam’s social network, the first biotech post was in September, although at the time the two only appeared in group photos together. On the other hand, Kayla appeared alone for the first time on his stream in November 2022, when the two enjoyed lunch together at Rim Tanon.

While Kayla’s Instagram account is private, she maintains a second account that serves as an online food diary. Her nicknames, according to her WordPress website, are Fish, Jojo, and Mama K. Fischer often uses them to talk about her travel experiences and hopes it develops into something soon. that’s big. Some of her first blog posts were about her time in quarantine, followed by a trip to New Zealand that same year.

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Kayla qualified for CLIA and CAP as a lab technician, analyst, and “team supervisor,” according to her resume. She is a fast learner, likes to review and works well both alone and in groups. Kayla received her B.Sc. in mathematical biology with honors from the University of Houston. In 2017, the UH Alumni Association named her one of the top two seniors, and in the same year, she was named the outstanding leader of the UH DSAES.

Johnny Lam’s marriage with Bao Hoang in Marrying you at first sight

Both Johnny and Bao were contestants on Season 13 of Married at First Sight and the only ones who knew each other before the show. They both went to the same university and Johnny used to treat her like a ghost before. Their journey is full of ups and downs throughout the show and they have trouble seeing each other as wives at first because of a lack of connection. Johnny remarked in Married at First Sight that kissing Bao reminded him of his sister’s kiss. Fans criticize them for their lack of chemistry, but Bao says their difference is really a strong point.

She stated:

“That makes sense to me. I mean, I’m pretty introverted, but he’s very open-minded, extroverted and sociable. He’s open, I’m punished. There are a number of factors that… I consider them complementary.”

Kayla Fischer

Although their relationship eventually worked out, that didn’t guarantee that they would forever be a couple, and when it was time to decide, the two broke up. Marriage at first sight is expected to return to television screens in January 2023, with many individuals marrying complete strangers then flirting with each other.

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