A Look Into James Callis And Neha Callis Relationship

Since before the turn of the century, James Callis has been married to Neha Callis. But he almost didn’t end up with her. The Blood and Tressure actor was always aware that he had a good relationship with her. But he quickly understood that he didn’t only want to be friends with her. He wanted more, and luckily for him, she did as well.

James Callis Nearly Missed Approaching His Wife

Callis’ realization that Neha was the one started with another lady he met at university, not with her. He told the narrative of how he understood the difference between having a friendship with a woman and wanting a relationship with one in a piece for Cosmopolitan (via jamescallis.tripod.com). He met a “very gorgeous, humorous, charming girl” in his first week at university (he graduated from the University of York in 1993). She had a boyfriend, but he never stopped pursuing her.


So, after weeks of chasing her, they eventually found themselves in her room. But as things began to happen, he abruptly came to a halt.

“Something in me froze. It didn’t seem right “He scribbled something. “We were excellent friends, and she was beautiful, but not in the manner that a lover should be.”

The female agreed with him as well. And it was during this occasion that he understood a man and a woman could surely simply be friends, despite the fact that sexual closeness and personal friendship had many similarities. With this insight, he quickly understood that it was different with Neha, despite the fact that their relationship originally exhibited many of the characteristics of a close friendship. He stated, “She was gorgeous, easy to speak to, and even easier to laugh with – it had all the makings of a fantastic relationship.” As he noted previously in his article, “most guys know deep down, from the very first encounter, whether a platonic relationship is as far as they want it to go.” And he didn’t want his relationship with Neha to remain platonic.

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James Callis

“I got this overpowering sensation that if I didn’t ask her out right away, I’d regret it for the rest of my life,” Callis continued. “I didn’t want to become “friends,” risking losing the possibility of romance between us.”

As a result, he resolved to tell her precisely how he felt. “Fortunately, she shared my sentiment,” he wrote.

Family Life of James Callis and Wife Neha Callis

On December 30, 1998, Callis married Neha (full name: Neha Datar). She is said to be from India or to have Indian ancestors. The couple is the parents of three children: two boys and a girl. According to his birthday post for Joshua on Instagram, their first child, Joshua Amaan Callis, was born in late 2003, likely around October 2003.

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Their second child, Sacha Callis, was born on August 13, 2005. In 2009, they had their youngest child, Anika Jahan Callis. Callis and his wife keep their family life very quiet – Callis does not post much about his children, and Neha keeps her Instagram private.

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