A heartwarming shot. A man is deeply moved after finding his two lost dogs during an adoption photo shoot

A man gets excited when he sees two huskies that he lost a few days ago. A man found them by chance during a photo session dedicated to dog adoptions from the shelter.

When the man saw his two huskies, he was very emotional. A three-year-old husky named Ragnar. The second husky is 11 years old and named Kloud.

When the man recognized his two fluffy friends. He didn’t even manage to park and run to the dogs.

A cute scene was filmed. The owner couldn’t hold back his tears and began to cry emotionally at the dog’s disappearance.

The man had been looking for the dog all weekend. The man handed out flyers to get information about his lost dog, but to no avail. A kind Samaritan helped the man and gave him information about the husky.

The man considers himself quite lucky to have found his lost dogs. He decided to microchip the dogs so they wouldn’t get lost. If they get lost, he will find them easily.

Here is the video:

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