A great ceremony. Two inseparable dogs named Cashew and Peanut get married

The beautiful wedding took place in Bexar County, Texas. The pairs are Chihuahua Peanut and his friend Cashew.

The dogs come from the SAHS Animal Welfare Center in San Antonio. Both were taken to the shelter in 2022, in April.

Their owners were unable to take care of them. They met after dental surgery. From that moment on, their relationship became strong and unbreakable.

As their relationship grew stronger, the staff decided to celebrate their wedding and draw attention to their adoption.

The couple looks so sweet and cute. A small chapel with a red carpet and special clothes was purchased for them. The wedding was attended by staff and volunteers.

There are also cakes, music and soap bubbles. A cute couple has been put up for adoption. The staff is very hopeful that they will be adopted together, not separately. We hope he gets a permanent home soon.

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