90 Day Fiance’s Jasmine Reveals She Is A Doctor With 7 Degrees

by Jasmine Pineda fiance 90 days famous by revealing she was “Dr. Jasmine Pineda,” and holds seven different degrees, including a 34-year-old PhD, a single mother of two boys last seen in Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago In season 5, she became engaged to Gino Palazzolo, 52 years old. Jasmine’s shrewd personality earned her praise on the show, while on Instagram, Jasmine made headlines for her bold looks, relationship advice, and health advice. Jasmine was an English literature teacher in Panama City when she was introduced to fans.

fiance 90 days Star Jasmine’s education may not be discussed on the show, but Jasmine uses Instagram to talk a lot about her past life. Recently, she took a selfie in the mirror in a pink suit while using the words “#beauty and brain” And”Material wife.

Jasmine wrote: “Dr. Jasmine Pineda“On her photo, as she added,”Correct! I have a PhD in Education and Research.Jasmine then tells another story, in which she lists seven degrees she’s earned, such as a Bachelor of Arts, three masters, master’s degrees, and engineering degrees, and note that she has attended many seminars and courses to earn certifications in various fields of education. .”Don’t judge a book by its cover! Education is power! “ this fiance 90 days The star is announced in a new story.

Does 90 Day Fiance’s star Jasmine have a job?

Jasmine Pineda from 90 Days Fiancé

Jasmine’s partner Gino ended up passing nude photos of him to his ex-girlfriend to brag about Jasmine’s beauty. But according to Jasmine, the woman appeared to have sent the photos to her workplace, prompting Jasmine to be fired. However, Jasmine also talks about juggling two full-time jobs and tutoring, earning more than $3,000 a month. She will probably continue to do these jobs and earn money after every TLC episode 90 days ago She was sitting.

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With over 141,000 followers on Instagram, Jasmine is also an influencer and has an active Cameo page. Most of Jasmine’s income also comes from OnlyFans, which means Jasmine knows how to monetize her popularity. With the high demand to see her again on television, it is certain that Jasmine’s popularity will only increase when she returns in her sequel. The Panamanian woman is set to marry Gino in 2023. Jasmine had planned to move to Florida instead of Michigan because it was closer to where she lived in terms of temperature. While there, Jasmine wanted to explore a career in real estate rather than education.

Although she was born with a high level of education, fiance 90 days Star Jasmine is getting ready to start a very exciting new career. Jasmine believes that education is power. Now she is even learning a third language. For Jasmine, inner beauty is as important as outward appearance. She is passionate about fitness, health, nutrition and of course education, which is no surprise given her past success, which can be overshadowed by her participation in the program. reality TV show.

Source: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram, Jasmine Pineda/Instagram

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