90 Day Fiancé: Big Ed Sighting Reveals His Status With Liz

big ed brown word fiance 90 days Discovered by a Reddit user who later discovered revelations about his relationship with Liz Woods 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Big Ed, 56, from San Diego, has been a regular member of the team since he joined the movie Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago Season 4 with Rose Vega.After breaking up, Big Ed and Liz became a couple 90 Days: Single LifeThey were together and engaged despite breaking up eight times, until he told her in the finale that he didn’t want to get married yet. “I think Ed and I are too different to do this job for long,” Liz told the camera during one of the final scenes of the final episode.I don’t deserve any more pain,‘ she added.

It doesn’t look like Big Ed and Liz will be together when they return to Tell-All or after the reunion event, but alleged Reddit user Kinkykuteness has confirmed that Big Ed and Liz are still a couple. TLC viewers shared a photo of Big Ed to corroborate their claims. “Big Ed at my favorite bar in Bentonville ArkansasThey explained. They added that Big Ed was at the Boars Nest bar, with Liz. According to fans, Big Ed and Liz seem to be planning to settle down in Arkansas.

90 Day Fiance fans are confused about Liz’s work after the big move

Confirming seeing Big Ed in real time, this fan also wrote: “She took pictures with us! not him, but still,‘ refers to Liz without the image.renewed! His lady says they are moving to nwa!‘ They wrote that as fans scrutinized to see if Big Ed had somehow found a new woman in his life, the fan adamantly said, “still lzAccording to them, Big Ed and Liz are moving to Northwest Arkansas, which has prompted comments from viewers such as Winter_Day_6836.I think she accepted the job at the bar/restaurant.‘ Another TLC fan, NovelDifficulty, commented that when they fiance 90 days.

Big Ed and Liz are looking for a fresh start, but the San Diego home they’ve always dreamed of is beyond their means. Moreover, Liz herself also wants to move out of San Diego, because she wants her daughter to have a stable life and wants her daughter to be able to start over. fiance 90 days A relationship with Big Ed so they can stop arguing so often. Big Ed decides to give up his life in San Diego for Liz, even though he envisions himself living there forever. But then Liz got the help of the chef of the restaurant she runs, and that changed things a bit.

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Liz accepted the offer immediately without even discussing it with Big Ed. Maybe Big Ed convinced her because he objected to her working so she could spend more time with him. Big Ed’s controllability is the reason why fans want Liz to break up with the controversial man fiance 90 days performer. However, if they spend Thursday night together at pubs in NSW, the bond between the two is said to be strong.

Source: Kinkykuteness/Reddit

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