90 Day Fiancé: All About Mike & His Rumored New Girlfriend After Natalie

90 Day Fiance star Mike Youngquist says he hasn’t dated since Natalie Mordovtseva left him. But fans have seen a picture of him with Marcia Alves.

fiance 90 days Mike Youngquist star claims he hasn’t been dating since Natalie Mordovtseva left him, but there are rumors that Marcia “BrazilAlves is his new girlfriend. Former actress Natalie, who left Mike after just six months of marriage, has lived in Florida since filming the movie. 90 Days: Single LifeEven though Natalie has dated other men, she doesn’t want a divorce from Mike, who recently dropped a new bombshell. He revealed that he never submitted the necessary documents for Natalie’s green card, which means Natalie could be deported. This is a strong move by Mike, who may not be as alone as he claims without Natalie…especially since Natalie and Marcia argued about Mike on Instagram in October 2021.

During this period 90 Days: Single Life Tell-All, Mike reveals he moved to Seattle, and Natalie always wanted to leave Sequim, ie “woodWhen asked if he was dating anyone, Mike replied that he was trying to focus on, “Different thingsIn life as well as in work. Natalie claims she hassomebody.‘ Meanwhile, Debbie Johnson and Tania Maduro say there are photos online of Mike with his possible new girlfriend. Anyway, Mike said she was just his friend,”hang out” And, “and things,‘ because he’s not,ready for a day‘ Meanwhile, Big Ed Brown joked that Mike was like, ‘modest‘ He was very difficult to read.

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Mike is dating Marcia “Brazil” Alves?

Marcia Brazil Mike Youngquist in 90 days Fiance 2 posing together in the pool

Some of the pictures of Mike that Marcia posted on her Instagram have been kept secret. Natalie’s estranged husband shared a selfie of themselves with Marcia, 37, at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa sparking romance rumors with Marcia, 37. Marcia wrote in the caption, “joke in las vegas [hands up emoji],‘ and add a hashtag to the September 2021 post,”#Honey” And”#AmazingDude.In the comments, fans seem excited about the alternate reality show fiance 90 days And love rock music with bret michaels. Marcia is best known for appearing on the 2009 show, where she threw up and then kissed Brett, only for him to say, “This is the best Doritos I have ever had

Soon after, Marcia posted more photos with Mike. This time, they posed in the pool and Marcia’s son was featured in the post. “Sunday with my favorite people,’ Marcia wrote in her caption, praising Mike again, saying, “#The sweetest guy #Big heart #Great time‘ Through her hashtag. In contrast, Natalie was not too impressed with Mike and Marcia happily playing pool together. She asked her followers on Instagram Stories, “Who else has the worst day of the year?“When someone told Natalie”call mik“She replied:”He went on vacation with his new harvest.‘ Natalie also claims that she is, ‘Feel free to listen to compliments now.‘ However, in another story, she added, ‘I don’t give Asuka now!

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Natalie’s reaction seems a bit bitter

Natalie Mordovtseva Instagram Mike Marcia on Fiancé's Day 90

When Marcia heard about Natalie’s bitter Instagram post, she mocked the Kiev native. “Give your loved ones honesty, respect, trust and warmth, or a willingness to observe what others do,‘ is the shady caption for a selfie that Marcia took with a skeleton stand. The VH1 star seems to let the hashtag speak for itself, as Marcia made sure she posted, “#rumor, #you know who you are #fiance for 90 days.At one point, Marcia made her profile private. Natalie, on the other hand, is said to be filming a new movie. fiance 90 days turn off, or 90 Days: Single Life season. Arguably with the reality TV experience she has, Marcia could find herself in the middle of a drama between Mike and Natalie. If fans want Natalie to go back to Ukraine without any paperwork, they should know that she’s still in Florida and hasn’t divorced Mike.

Source: Marcia Brazil/Instagram, Natalie Mordovtseva/Instagram

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