90 Day Fiancé: 10 Things You Need To Know About Guillermo Rojer

Guillermo Rogers fiance 90 daysMost recently, his ninth season has been at the heart of the team’s talk as fans believe his wife Calabasas may be pregnant. Guillermo and Kara are one of many recent couples 90 days Rumor has it that Seasons is having a baby.

Viewers first met Guillermo when he traveled from the Dominican Republic to Charlottesville, Virginia, to embark on a K-1 visa trip with then-fiancee Carla, whom he met while working in the island nation. This. The adventurous reality star continues to captivate viewers with her calm demeanor and mature personality. Guillermo is quite reserved compared to Kara, who tends to take advantage of her celebrity status. Given Guillermo’s tendency to stay out of the limelight, fans are hoping to learn more about many aspects of the young man’s life.

Guillermo from Venezuela

Guillermo may have met his bride while working in the Dominican Republic, but the reality TV star is Venezuelan. He grew up in Caracas, the capital of the South American country, which is also the largest city in the country. Caracas is the industrial and cultural center of Venezuela.

Guillermo still has many family members in Venezuela, and based on his Instagram posts, he seems to be very close to the relatives. Guillermo is so proud of his Venezuelan community that he even posted photos on Instagram of the 2017 protests, in which people spoke out against the political corruption, economic instability and violence that are taking place. affect the country.

Guillermo is a trained bartender

although a few 90 days Stars have established their own businesses, others have become social media moguls, and a handful of actors, such as Guillermo, have been trained to work in specific industries. Guillermo is a graduate of Venezuela’s bartending academy, which seems to be preparing students to work as bartenders in fine dining restaurants. The academy offers courses in the art of cocktail making, as well as barista and sommelier training.

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Before moving to the United States, Guillermo seems to have put his bartending skills to good use. On Instagram, he shares photos of himself working at a high-end restaurant and bar in Punta Cana, a coastal city with many resorts and tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic.

Guillermo met Carla in a unique way

KARAGuillermoMeet90Day Fiancé 9

Guillermo’s bartending career brought him to the Dominican Republic, where Kara also worked at the same time. Kara recalls their first meeting, “I was literally just sitting at my desk with my computer and working with my colleagues when the waiter came to our table and said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to drink Dragon Tongue Rum!’ I was like, ‘Damn, he’s so cute.’”

The “cute” waiter turned out to be Guillermo. The two keep in touch and their innocent flirting quickly develops into a relationship. Not long after, Kara moved to DR to be with Guillermo because she could work remotely. It’s not surprising that Kara quickly fell in love with Guillermo, as he is often considered the cutest star fiance 90 daysPart 9 of .

Guillermo is an athlete and coach

Guillermo has always been willing to take risks and seems to regularly participate in a variety of sports-related activities. The reality sports star has posted pictures of her hiking, swimming, kitesurfing and kayaking. He even proudly showed off a stylish beach racquet he made on Instagram. Like his Season 9 co-star Ghibribel, Guillermo enjoys riding and racing, and posts frequently about this hobby.

Guillermo is also an avid soccer player and coach. While in the Dominican Republic, he had the opportunity to coach a youth soccer league in Punta Cana. Guillermo said the experience was “really helpful [him] Grow up as a person. “

Guillermo is close to his brother

Guillermo - 90 Days Fiancé Dies

Although there are many difficulties 90 days Family members, the program also featured a lot of loved and supportive loved ones. Guillermo is especially close to his brother Jose Joaquin, who passed away before the reality TV star’s wedding.

Guillermo heartily pays tribute to his brother at the couple’s wedding. He reserved the front seat for Jose and marked it with a bouquet of flowers. According to Carla, Guillermo’s brother died of kidney failure and had been on dialysis for some time before his death. Because Guillermo was in the United States on a visa when his brother’s health deteriorated, he was unable to leave the country to be with him or attend the funeral.

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Guillermo is a dog lover

Kara and Guillermo are both dog lovers. The couple adopted a puppy named Chiqui Mama to accompany them everywhere. Chiqui, who was adopted in the Dominican Republic, moved to Virginia before Guillermo’s visa was approved, and she and Kara went to the United States.

The adorable dog regularly appears on the couple’s social media page and quickly became a fan favorite. Although there are many bad things that hurt 90 days In Season 9’s decision, the stars’ easy acceptance of Chiqui was one of the best decisions of the season.

Pandemic complicates relationship between Guillermo and Cara

Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer from The 90 Day Fiancé.

Many relationships have been complicated by the pandemic, and Guillermo is no exception. Kara moved to the Dominican Republic to pursue their romance, but due to the pandemic, she was forced to return to the US earlier than expected.

Guillermo and Carla were separated for nearly a year until his K-1 visa was approved, the newlyweds were reunited in Virginia and began planning their wedding. Guillermo’s brewing efforts could also be impacted by the pandemic, adding financial hurdles to an already challenging situation. Although the COVID restrictions have affected the couple’s relationship, they seem happy to finally be able to continue their love story.

Guillermo is a Sagittarius

Guillermo Rojer's pink shirt through 90 Day Fiance

Guillermo was born on December 2 and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. According to Astrology.com, Sagittarius is always in search of knowledge and truth. They are often restless wanderers, which may explain Guillermo’s decision to move from his native Venezuela to the Dominican Republic to work as a bartender.

On the other hand, Kara was born on May 11th and she is a Taurus. Astrology.com explains that a Sagittarius/Taurus love match can be difficult at first, given Taurus’s need for stability and commitment as well as the wandering spirit of Sagittarius. However, the site notes that if they are patient and empathetic to their partner’s needs, the match can be very harmonious.

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Guillermo romantic proposal

Guillermo proposed to Carla on a cliff overlooking the sea in the Dominican Republic. The setting is very romantic with a beautiful sunset in the background. The venue for the proposal was Macau beach in Punta Cana.

Guillermo and Kara have one of the closest relationships in the reality TV series, as they run into each other and seem to be quite compatible in terms of age and interests. 90 days universe. They each shared many photos of their time in DR, enjoying nature hikes, beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and other exciting adventures.

Guillermo is adjusting to life in America

Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer's 90-day fiance's kiss

After getting married in Virginia, Guillermo and Carla seem to have gotten along. Guillermo is also adjusting to a new life in America. After struggling to get the perfect hairstyle, he found a hairstylist he liked in Virginia a few days before the wedding, and it was memorable.

Plus, Guillermo had a new hobby in the United States. He’s posted several kayaking videos on Instagram and spends a lot of time exploring the Rivana River, a tributary of Virginia known as a popular spot for kayakers. The reality TV star is still unable to work under the terms of his visa, so he has more time to develop new interests. Fans wonder if he will work as a bartender after being able to work legally in the US.

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