76-year-old man collects food every day to feed starving homeless cats

An old man named Willie Ortiz, 76 years old. Collect the little things. He has been involved in this activity for more than 22 years. This old man delivers food to hungry abandoned cats.

It performs its task countless times in both hot and cold weather conditions. He is very dedicated to his work. Untreated dogs are neglected by the people.

Noticing hungry animals loitering around, the man’s heart melted and he gave him the title of this animal cafe. He collects scrap metal early in the morning, then sells and buys sausages and other meat products to feed the feral cats.

Humans also take care of sick animals. He treats them to live. He is happy to be pleasant and eager to help animals.

A total of 68 stray and feral cats. He does his job with care and love. He does everything for these stray dogs.

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Source: tiengtrunghaato.edu.vn

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