65 Is Not A Time Travel Movie (Despite Dinosaurs), Clarifies Adam Driver

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65-year-old movie star Adam Driver clarifies that despite dinosaurs, there’s no real-time travel in this action-packed sci-fi movie.

65 Star Adam Driver clarified that there is no time travel in the film despite the presence of dinosaurs. After playing Kylo Ren Star Wars In the Sequel Trilogy, Driver returns to the action-heavy sci-fi genre 65. Followed by great success Jurassic world trilogy, 65 An attempt to tap into the public’s longstanding fascination with dinosaurs by pitting heroic riders against prehistoric beasts.

intro video 65 It looks like the movie also involves time travel elements, but Driver only clarified that it wasn’t, telling Jimmy Fallon that his character doesn’t actually travel back in time in the film.

The driver speaks at around 3:20 in the video above. Check out the actor’s comments in the space below:

There is no time travel. It was what they called a parallel universe that existed 65 million years ago, and they discovered that they had landed on a prehistoric Earth.

Why 65-year-olds can avoid time travel

65 Movies Driver Adam

The driver’s explanation of how his astronaut character ends up in a world full of dinosaurs without time travel sounds like bullshit, in a practical sense, between going back in time and ends up in a parallel universe There is very little difference. It’s fun to let the audience know 65 Not a time travel movie.

obviously from 65The producers wanted to emphasize the action elements of the film and downplay the marketing of the real sci-fi details behind the story. The worry is that if potential viewers think that time travel is involved, they will suspect that the film’s story is complex and potentially confusing, as travel films sometimes so is time travel. Driver claims no time travel when Fallon shows up 65 This appears to be part of an effort to turn the film into an entertaining PG-13 dinosaur action movie, rather than a sci-fi that is super complicated and possibly too scary, requiring a lot of thought. .

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Whether the audience understands the problem and hangs out with the kids to see Driver fight the dinosaurs remains to be seen. But 65 This could be an uphill battle on multiple fronts, and it’s not just because audiences fear time travel will be involved. The title can also be a problem because it’s not very memorable. It could also be argued that Driver itself was not a real box office success, though Star Wars on your resume. 65 Released March 10.

Source: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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