5 Interesting Facts About Polish Climber Maciej Berbeka

Broad Peak, Netflix’s new adventure series, follows the life of Polish mountaineer Maciej Berbeka and the legacy he left behind as one of the top mountain climbers. of the country. The video also talks about his untimely death in 2013 at Broad Peak. Although Berbeka’s body was never found, he was presumed dead shortly after he and another climber failed to reach the camp. Wide Peak, directed by Leszek David and written by Lukasz Ludkowski with producers including Dawid Janicki, Krzysztof Rzaczynski and Maciej Rzaczynsk, revolves around Berbeka’s second expedition to the mountain 25 years later, after his first. His first was abandoned. Maja Ostazewska, Dawid Ogrodni, Piotr Glowacki, Lukasz Simlat and Tomasz Sapryk are among the actors.

The series will be released on Netflix on September 14, 2022 at 3 a.m. ET. According to the summary:

“Maciej Berbeka discovered that his journey to the summit was not complete after conquering Broad Peak. He decided to continue what he started 25 years later.”

Before the movie premieres, here are five facts about Maciej Berbeka.

Five important facts about Maciej Berbeka

1) Maciej Berbeka is an important member of the Ice Warriors.

Maciej Berbeka, born in 1954 in Poland, was famous as an early mountaineer. He is a member of the Polish search and rescue team as well as the International Federation of Mountain Guides, and he is also a representative of the ice warriors. According to the report, these soldiers are:

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“Polish climbers dominated the winter climbing landscape, especially in the 1980s, when they made the first seven winters out of eight thousand climbers.”

2) As a mountaineer, Berbeka has climbed huge heights all her life.

Maciej Berbeka finally reached the summit of Manaslu in Nepal’s Himalayas in 1984, completing his journey to conquer 14 of the world’s 8,000-foot peaks without supplemental oxygen. A year later, he climbed Cho Oyu in the Himalayas, 20 kilometers from Everest. He has also reached Mount Everest and Annapurna. Additionally, on March 6, 1988, he became the first person to climb Rocky Summit, one of the five peaks of Karakoram on the Pakistan-China border, during the winter.

3) He got lost on his second attempt to get to the top of Broad Peak.

Berbeka decided to climb Broad Peak again in 2013, 25 years after the first climb, this time with Adam Bielecki, Tomasz Kowalski and Arturo Maek. He said he decided to climb to the top again after realizing he hadn’t made it to the real top on his first attempt. The group reached the summit on March 6, but when Berbeka, 58, and Kowalski, 27, failed to reach Camp 4 at 7,400 meters on their way back, they feared for their safety. They disappear quickly.

Maciej Berbeka

4) Maciej Berbeka’s body was never discovered.

A rescue team was dispatched, but Berbeja and Kowalski were pronounced dead after only two days, although their remains were never found. Krzysztof Wielicki, winter ascent coordinator for the Polish Mountaineering Association, issued a press release saying:

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“Given my background, condition, experience, Himalayan climbing history, understanding of high altitude physiology and medicine, as well as discussions with doctors and expedition co-organizers in Poland , I am forced to declare Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski dead.”

Wielicki continued:

“Taking into account the time that has passed since the last contact, the altitude at which it occurred, their state of health, current weather conditions and all other criteria, I must declare termination.” sure both climbers are dead…

The expedition is over.”

Tomasz Kowalski and Maciej Berbeka remain absent from Broad Peak http://t.co/Raz4h1XF9U

– Alpine Club (@thealpineclub) March 6, 2013

5) An earlier documentary about Stanislaw, the son of Maciej Berbeka, deals with his personal life.

Stanislaw Berbeka, Berbeka’s son, made the documentary Dreamland about his father’s disappearance in 2018. The video also talks about Macie’s family and his life as a mountaineer and great traveller who shared his father’s passion for the mountains. The video also talks about Macie’s father, who died in a crash in the Alps from injuries and frostbite.

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