26 Fast X Easter Eggs & Franchise References

WARNING: SPOILERS CONTAIN FAST X! With over 20 years of franchise history, there are many fast x Easter eggs and references to past movies and characters. latest entry in Fast and furious The franchise is deeply rooted in mythology, and nearly a dozen previous films have helped establish that myth. Importance of previous movies fast xIts story becomes very clear when it is revealed that it is being used fast year The flashback explains Dante’s motives for hunting down Dominique Toretto and his team.

This is just the beginning of how Fast Saga will connect decades of stories with the tenth installment of the main series. fast xAfter the ending scene, the movie manages to throw an easter egg and somehow references all the previous entries. These hidden details include everything from guest characters to references to past events and more. Here is the full breakdown fast xEaster display.

26 Hernán Reyes is back

fast x Back from Hernan Reyes filming took place at fast five. Joaquim de Almeida returns to reprise her role fast yearThe villain shares the scene with his son Dante, played by Jason Momoa. He uses old footage of his single appearance at various times throughout the film, but Hernan Reyes is one of the few cameos of a familiar character.

25 Brian’s Empty Chairs in Memory of Paul Walker

Quick family BBQ

fast x Continuing the touching tribute to Paul Walker at Toretto Family BBQ, make room for Brian. The film features Paul Walker fast five The flashback was filmed, but Brian O’Connor was absent and barely mentioned. The empty spot at the family barbecue is a good sign that the team isn’t trying to replace him. It is also built on F9At the end, when Brian’s car stopped, there was also an empty seat on the table.

24 Los Bandoleros

Fast X Korea

fast xThe Easter Egg includes a reference to the second short in the series, los bandoleros. This is a prequel to the fourth film, showing Dom teaming up with Han and Rico Santos to get Tego Leo out of prison. When Dom finished his conversation with Han, quoting the short clip, he said “Los Bandoleros for a lifetime.”

23 goodbye

A familiar tune can also be heard in the film, as an instrumental version of “See You Again” plays after Dom looks at pictures of Brian, his father, and other important people in his life. his life. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth wrote this song for Too fast too dangerous 7 As a tribute to Paul Walker. It previously only played a part in the franchise as part of Bryan’s Sent Off, so it was included in fast x Even more remarkable.

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22 “Death” by Letty

Dom also mentioned Letty’s “death” in season four Fast and furiousHe talks to Letty about his fears in the movie and mentions his fear of losing his son and his fear of losing his wife again. fast x The line mentions that Letty is presumed dead after her secret wedding to Dom. Although she is now back with all her memories, losing her family is still Dom’s biggest fear.

21 Bit No One Came Back

The Fate of Fast and the Furious Scott Eastwood

Viewers are also welcome with many Little Nobody fast x, Scott Eastwood returns with a small role. He only appears in the first act of the film and takes Cipher to the agency’s Black Earth prison before joining Dom on a mission in Rome. This is the first time Little Nobody appears in the series since its debut angry fate.

20 What happened to Mr. Nobody after F9

Composite image of Dom and Mr.  Nobody in The Fast and the Furious

The fate of Mr. Fast and furious Franchising has been a mystery from the start F9, suggesting that Jacob attacked his plane. Since he was not abducted by Jacob and his body was not in the wreckage, there are still many questions about what happened to him. fast x The character is mentioned several times throughout the film, making it feel like he’s no longer at the CIA, missing or hiding. All indications are that Mr. Nobody is still alive.

Lykan HyperSport dancing in Abu Dhabi in Fast & Furious 7

fast x refer to each one first Fast and furious Thanks to Aimes and the company that produced the film. The new leader of the group saw footage of Team Dom’s past adventures, allowing the film to retell Fast and furious Learn about 20 years of cinematic history in minutes. This allows fast x show everything in a nutshell Fast and furious‘ Competition, Too fast too dangerous 7skydiving in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

18 Eyes of God

The magic eye continues to play an important role Fast and furious The franchise because of the technology Ramsay invented changed hands throughout the movie. Initially, the Agency had the programs, but Tess stole parts of it to find Dom. It ends up in the hands of Dante, threatening everyone’s safety. God’s eyes debut Too fast too dangerous 7 But now there are several roles in every movie since.

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17 An inch goes a mile no problem

Quick X Dominique Toretto Bryan

one of the best fast x The Easter egg from Little Brian echoes one of Dom’s most iconic phrases. After defeating Mia in the video game Hot Wheels, he said, “It doesn’t matter if you win an inch or a mile.” This made Mia joke that she had heard it somewhere before. As Dom said in the original book, it will sound familiar to her and the audience. Fast and furious After beating Bryan in their first match.

16 Tess Loves Belgian Beer Like Her Dad

Brie Larson as Tess in Fast X.

Tess’s debut as the daughter of Mr. Nobody proves that, in addition to being part of the world of secret intelligence, she resembles her father in many ways. As soon as they met, she offered Dom a Belgian beer, and immediately fast x Referring to the first appearance of Mr. Nobody Too fast too dangerous 7He goes on to talk about his love of Belgian beer and tries to convince Dom to give up his Coronas beer for a sip. Tess is proof that this love of Belgian beer has been passed down in the family.

15 Jacob’s Cars From F9 Flashback


Jacob’s main car is another car fast x Easter eggs. He started driving Little Brian around the country in a blue 1992 Ford Mustang. If the viewer finds it familiar, it may be because Jacob also drives the car F9flashback scene. This means that it is the car that Jakob drove when he lost to Dom, forcing him to run away from home.

14 The Story Behind Letty’s Scar

Letty in Too Dangerous Fast 6

The origin of Letty’s scar detailed again fast x When Tess told her about the wristband to gain her trust. Tess told a familiar story about the scar on Letty’s wrist the night she and Dom first met and he was trying to impress her. That’s the story Dom told Letty Fast and furious 6 Try to prove that he knows everything about her past.

13 Fast Five’s Diogo Returns

Fast x Diogo is back

fast x Bring back another familiar character by putting Diogo back in the Brazilian setting. Luis Da Silva Jr. fast five, marking his only previous appearance. Although Diogo is shown to be Dom’s ally against Dante, it’s all part of the latter’s plans. This led to Diogo becoming one of the fast xdeath.

12 Isabel is Elena’s secret sister

Elsa Pataky as Elena Neves in Fast and Dangerous

fast x Another family twist comes when it is revealed that Daniela Melchior’s Isabel is actually Elena Neves’ sister. The franchise didn’t tease Elena about having a sister before because fast year Just explain that Elena’s husband’s death has something to do with Hernan Reyes. Isabel and Elena are sisters, making Dom’s family now including his son’s aunt.

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11 Dom Reflects On His And Brian’s Incredible Friendship

Watch Dom and Brian in The Fast and the Furious

one more moment fast x Refers to the unlikely friendship between Dom and Brian. Isabelle talks about how she and Elena are very different and didn’t always have a close relationship because of their differences. However, Dom draws parallels with him and Brian by recalling how the police and street racer became brothers.

A bald man in a muscular black T-shirt stood in front of an antique car.

Time travel doesn’t happen in fast x Despite popular theories, the film deals with it in some way. When Tej, Roman, Ramsey and Han visit an old friend of Ramsey’s played by Pete Davidson, Tej says “Are we just time travel?” To give feedback on the oldness of the place. This could be the franchise’s way of mocking these theories or a sophisticated setup fast and furious 11 Including time travel.

9. Little Bryan is afraid of airplanes after Fast And The Furious

Vin diesel Fate of the fury elena doms baby

After Brian Jr. and Jacob board the plane, Dom’s son is clearly unwell and admits that he is afraid of airplanes, but not because of his height. fast x There is no explanation why this is so, most likely true angry fateBryan Jr spent some time on Cipher’s planes as a child and may fear them because he associates them with his mother’s death or Deckard saving him.

8 Paul Walker’s Daughters Came Quickly X

Meadow Walker and Vin Diesel

quickly fast x Cameo appeared in the film as Paul Walker’s daughter. Grass Rainwalkers appear in fast x When the flight attendant gave Jacob a drink and the key to the plane’s cargo compartment. A cameo from Paul Walker’s daughter helped make the actor’s real-life family part of a hugely popular series.

F9’s ending scene becomes part of Fast X

Deckard Shaw opens up opportunities for Han in Fast X

fast x get payback F9The post-credits scene of Han and Deckard reunites, but goes a step further. Instead of using F9 jokingly explains that Deckard has been with Han since the beginning of the movie, or that they reconciled, fast x Make the scene that takes place in the new movie. This allows for a heated confrontation and even shows what can happen to Deckard, the guy who stuffed his punching bag.

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