$25K Tesla Probably Still Coming, But It Won’t Be The Model 2

Tesla’s $25,000 car may still be in production, but it won’t be called the Model 2, although there’s speculation that it will be. The Model 3 is currently the cheapest car Tesla makes, priced under $40,000. At one point, the cheapest Tesla could be ordered for as little as $35,000.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often announces the company’s plans informally, and although the timing of those plans is sometimes delayed, most of them have already been implemented. It even makes good on its promise to market a high-quality electric car for as little as $35,000. In 2018, when Musk first mentioned the target, Tesla’s cheapest car was the Model S, which sold for more than twice as much.

The $25,000 auto talk started in 2020 and after Tesla’s Battery Day event. The press immediately started calling it the “Model 2”, which seems plausible since it could be a cheaper version of the Model 3. Not to mention, it’s easier to say than “a car worth the money.” Tesla’s $25,000″. However, in a recent Tesla shareholder meeting posted to YouTube, Elon Musk answered questions about the rumored car, clarifying that there is no Model 2. Musk went on to explain that the brand’s name is not Tesla wants to use is already owned by Ford and that the “3” in the Model 3 is not really a number. Combined with the letters in Tesla’s model lineup, it’s currently spelled “S3XY” or “SEXY,” as the initial 3 models will be called the Model E. Musk did not volunteer any information. There was no word about the $25,000 Tesla, but said nothing about the plan being scrapped.

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Tesla’s $25,000 Car Bundle

According to previous hints and information, Tesla does indeed intend to build an ultra-low-priced car, but the company has yet to name it and it will cost $25,000. That’s an amazingly low price for a Tesla, and it’s likely to sell very well. On Tesla’s battery day, discussions indicated that the new model was designed to be fully autonomous, and the nature of the vehicle was hinted at in the form of a question, “Do we want this car to have a steering wheel and pedals?

The implication is that this could be a car that not only doesn’t need a driver but doesn’t even have the option to be driven by a human. If that’s the case, it will be quite a while before such vehicles can begin to enter production until fully autonomous driving is much better than a human driver and Tesla receives regulatory approval. to stop requiring the driver to be alert and ready to take the wheel. time. Even with the recent advancements in FSD, the owner is still fully responsible for the driving and it functions only as an advanced driver assistance technology. While the $25,000 Tesla won’t be called the Model 2, it’s a product that aligns with the company’s long-term plans and will almost certainly be in production when FSD is ready for the masses.

Source: Tesla/YouTube

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