15 Most Memorable Quotes From Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese has made a lot of good movies, but taxi driver Still can say this is my best movie. This is definitely his defining work: New York is a movie character, it has a great jazz soundtrack, it explores the dark world of crime, it portrays it unapologetically, it represents what it has done historically. , and it stars Robert De Niro as a violent and flawed protagonist.

If this isn’t Scorsese’s best film, it’s certainly one of the films that best showcase his directorial prowess. Here are the 10 most memorable quotes taxi driver.

Updated by Ben Sherlock on May 6, 2020: Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver remains one of the most acclaimed masterpieces in cinematic history. Travis Bickle’s tragic demise as the quintessential villain still haunts dark psychological thrillers and their deeply flawed protagonists to this day. Many screenwriters have attempted to emulate Paul Schrader’s sharp, cynical work, but few have succeeded in capturing the fury of urban loners like Schrader’s “Taxi Driver” script. Therefore, we have updated this list with some new items.

“Days go by. They don’t end.

Paul Schrader for taxi driver And he himself suffered from loneliness, pain and insomnia. He wrote the letter while showing her at her ex-girlfriend’s apartment, after he had lived in his car.

This lifestyle is reflected in Travis, “Twelve hours of work and I still can’t sleep. Fuck. The days go by. They never end.”

“I never had any choice.”

The taxi driver's last shot was Robert De Niro.

During Travis Bickle’s dark, unsettling journey, he believes he was sent to Earth to fight crime on the streets of New York on his own terms.

In one of his most unsettling voice-over narratives, Travis sounded more confident than ever, “Now, it’s clear to me. My whole life has only been in one direction. Now I’ve gone in one direction.” understand. I never had any choice.”

“Suck this!”

lynching justice in taxi driver One of Scorsese’s most brutal acts of violence. When Travis Bickle took up the law himself, Scorsese wasn’t indulged in dramatic and glorious bloodshed scenes. Instead, he filmed Travis’s wary behavior as candidly and honestly as possible.

Travis’ first victim in the final gunfight is Sport, the pimp played by Harvey Keitel. After Sport blew a cigarette at Travis, Travis pulled out his gun and said, “Put this on!” before shooting Sport in the chest and sitting on the front steps of his brothel.

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“Someday, I will be celebrated.”

travis and becky dating a taxi driver

When Travis took Betsy out for a piece of cake, he told her, “I should get a sign that says, ‘Someday, I’ll get it sorted’.” At first, Betsy didn’t understand, so Travis explained. it was a joke, she said, “Oh, you mean ‘organized’.” Like the little signs in their offices that say ‘Thimk.’ “

Travis and Betsy’s first date went well. Of course, their relationship soured when Travis took Becky to the porn theater for the second time.

“Only a fool would carry a cannon on the street like that.”

Travis visits illegal gun dealer Andy to arm himself before his one-man crusade against the crime hub of New York City, and Andy warns him about the gun’s usefulness. he wants.

Travis insisted on getting the “big gun” he wanted, and oddly enough, that turned out to be as unrealistic as Andy warned in the film’s climactic gunfight.

“Whenever, wherever.”

taxi driver robert de niro

The human resources officer who first hired Travis as a taxi driver at the beginning of the film asked him, “You want to work uptown at night? South Bronx? Harlem?‘ Travis told him simply, “I’ll work anywhere, anytime.” Then the HR officer asked him, “Will you work on Jewish holidays?” Travis repeats: “Whenever, wherever.”

This is a man who does not expect much from society. He does not consider any district of New York to be below him. He will drive anywhere, day or night. It also confirmed that Travis suffered from severe insomnia as he drove day and night.

“Dude, she’s twelve and a half years old. You’ve never had a butt like that.”

Taxi drivers Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro

The last thing that broke Travis’s heart and made him want to take action on his own to clean up the streets of his city was when he discovered a 12-year-old prostitute was among them.

Harvey Keitel perfectly embodies the sleazy pimp Sport, showcasing his disgusting nature: “Well, take it or leave it. If you want to save yourself money, don’t play with her. Because you’ll come back here every night for more food. Man, she’s twelve and a half years old. You never no. ARE NOT so. You can do whatever you want with her. “ It gets worse, but we’ll stop there.

“You’re in hell, and you’re going to die in hell, just like everyone else!”

Travis Bickle is the extreme version of those “nice guys end last” guys. The girls they think they like don’t want to date them because they can’t see how great they are – but are they really that good? Travis takes Betsy to a porn movie, then gets mad at her when she’s creepy.

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he told her, “Let me tell you this. You are hellyou will die in hell, like everyone else! “ In his voiceover, he rationalizes his actions by treating her rejection of him as her fault:”I just realized now that she is like everyone else, cold and aloof, many people are like that, women of course, they are like an alliance. “

“I have a .44 Magnum. I’ll kill her with that.”

Martin Scorsese occasionally puts himself in his films. He replaced Harvey Keitel in the voice of Charlie street averageBut perhaps his most famous role was as the deranged man who sat in Travis’s cab and caught his wife red-handed with another man.

He begins by telling him how he will avenge her: “I have a .44 Magnum. I’ll kill her with that gun. Have you ever seen what a .44 Magnum can do to a woman’s face? I mean, it’ll destroy it. Just need to blow her awayTravis meets some eccentric passengers.

“I have to clean up the mess in the backseat. Some nights, I’ll clean up the bloodstains.”

taxi driver robert de niro

It’s a vulgar statement, but that’s exactly what it should be. It doesn’t just show how bad life is for Travis, as his job is to wipe the disgusting liquid off his car at a time as ridiculous as four in the morning; it also hints at what he sees in his daily life. Some things are really difficult.

His voice acting revealed, “Every night when I drive the taxi back to the garage, I have to clean up the mess in the back seat. There are nights when I have to clean up the bloodstain.” He was just a taxi driver—only about three feet away from him and his passengers. However, somehow the semen and blood ended up on the chair. Our imagination runs wild.

“This is a man who can’t stand it anymore.”

taxi driver robert de niro

Travis Bickle may be the most thoughtless man to ever appear on film, but he considers himself the hero of his time. He’s just like everyone else, except that he decides to act and then make him a figure of his time.

He revealed himself and his manifesto to us in the third person in a motivational talk:”Listen, you bastards Where is it?. Here’s a guy who doesn’t take it anymore. A man standing up against scum, c**ts, dogs, trash, s**t. This is a man standing up. “

“I am the lonely man of God.”

taxi driver robert de niro

The defining feature of Travis Bickle is his loneliness. He felt ostracized by society, cut off from everyone. When he left Vietnam and returned to New York, he felt he could not fit in. He explained, “Loneliness has followed me all my life. Everywhere. In bars, cars, sidewalks, shops, everywhere. There’s no way out. I’m God’s. a lonely person. “

But perhaps loneliness is self-imposed. Travis represents all veterans returning from war with PTSD and socially excluded. However, he seems to prefer staying at home as a wanderer rather than participating in social situations. Maybe he should do “God’s Lonely Man” better.

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“See you later, Copper!”

That quote from Harvey Keitel Sport’s pimp may not sound like much, but it says a lot about the problems Travis sees in America. This guy was a pimp who sold the bodies of teenage girls on the street, when he said to Travis, “See you later, Copper!” Travis replied, “I’m not a cop, man,” Sports told him, “Well, if you are, it’s stuck,” It indicates a flaw in the system.

Sporting has read its rights and found all loopholes. He knows how to keep doing what he did and not go to jail. That’s why Travis felt the need to solve the problem himself.

“You’re talking to me?”

Taxi driver Robert De Niro talking to the mirror

It’s a line everyone remembers. Even if they haven’t seen the movie, they know there’s a movie where Robert De Niro said it. But its context is what makes it so powerful.

He’s so isolated that he talks to himself in the mirror, responds to something he doesn’t really say, practicing intimidating people on the street: “Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? Well, who are you talking to – are you talking to me? Well, I’m the only one here. .. the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”

“One day, a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.”

Taxi driver Robert De Niro pointed his gun at the mirror

The entire monologue is perfect as it summarizes Travis’s cynical view of the world and the mental breakdown that led him to tackle the problem on his own: “Thank God it’s raining, it helps wash away the trash and trash on the sidewalk. Now I work long hours: 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sometimes, even 8 a.m., six days a week. Sometimes when, 7 days a week… it was a long hustle, but it took me I’m really busy. I can go to work at three or three fifty every week. Sometimes even more, when I’m not going by meters. All animals go out at night – prostitutes, skunks, worms, queens, fairies, addicts, addicts, sick people, peddlers. One day, a real rain will come and wash all this scum from the streets. “

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