10 Things From Spider-Man: No Way Home That Upset Fans On Rewatch

Spider-Man: No Place To Return Last year made history, bringing together 20 years of Spider-Man movies and bringing the multiverse to life. To thank fans, Sony re-released the film in theaters on September 2 with approximately 20 minutes of additional content.

homeless Acclaimed for their groundbreaking dramatic effects and guest appearances. The film’s masterpiece status is unquestionable, but it’s far from perfect. Like any Marvel movie, there are flaws and aspects of the story that make fans uneasy.


Doctor Strange uses the mirror size to try to force Peter to obey him. To his and the audience’s surprise, Peter solved the dimensional science problem almost instantly and used his mathematical knowledge to trap Stephen there.

This moment seems to undermine Doctor Strange and the entire practice of the mystical arts. Peter is smart, but this is a whole new setting and he can’t figure it out that quickly. The truths he can find And useBeating someone who has spent years studying magic and size like this is ridiculous.

feel like fan fiction

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in No Way Home

homeless There are some of the best fan service moments in the MCU. Not only did Toby, Andrew and their villains appear, but Daredevil also appeared, proving his presence in the MCU.

While all of this is great and will one day be considered iconic, it’s a lot for a movie. Usually, such broad crossovers are the stuff of fan fiction and parodies, not box office feature-length films. Probably no problem homelessIf they don’t get rid of other important elements of the movie, such as text, those are the twists and turns, which are reduced several times over the course of the show.

Ned’s powerJacob Batalon, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire experiment in nowhere

The third Dutch solo Spiderman The film reveals that Ned’s ancestors were enamored with the occult arts and that he himself possessed “magical powers”.

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This change is cool, but out of nowhere. All the time audiences have to learn about Ned, not until now. It seems the only reason he was given the spell was to give him something to do, and as a plot device to bring Toby and Andrew into the picture. When they appear, he stops trying to summon his Peter, instead, he uses silly logic to figure out where he is.

Venom .’s brief stay

Eddie Brock in the bar where Spider-Man has nowhere else to go

credit between scenes homeless Introducing Eddie Brock and Venom to the MCU. While this credits scene is one of the best of Phase 4 to date, it leaves viewers wondering what the purpose of his presence was.

before posting, homeless There was a lot of hype because of the last teaser venom 2 Eddie is teleported to universe 616. Fans believe this means Tom Hardy will play a major role in the third universe. Spiderman. Instead, he makes a brief appearance at the end, much to the dismay of fans of the character.

Scary spiderman senses

Andrew Garfield hugs Tobey to say goodbye to 616 Peter

Ned and MJ accidentally summon two Peters from different universes. Upon arrival, they admit that they have been searching for Dutch Peter Parker ever since they were teleported to this world.

It’s hard to believe that Toby and Andrew’s characters haven’t been able to find Peter at all since they found themselves on Earth-616. It was surprising not only that their superhuman senses were unable to pinpoint his exact location, but it also seemed hard to believe that they wouldn’t realize that the media was watching his every move. and use it to their advantage.

Peter and Ned’s Relationship

Spider-Man Nowhere Ending sees Peter, Ned and Jordan say goodbye

like in away from home, Peter had MJ and Ned by his side to aid him in his heroic endeavors and lift him up when he fell. In this third season, Peter and Ned’s relationship seems to be something wrong.

Ever since Peter and MJ got together in the last movie, it feels like Ned is almost always around. Peter seems to prioritize his girlfriend of the week over his childhood best friend. If Ned’s hostility towards his heroic friend is any indication, it’s fair to assume that Marvel is heading for an elf arc. Instead, he didn’t seem to care. Some fans suggest that this is a result of poor writing or that the studio doesn’t know what to do with Ned at this point.

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Doctor Strange thinks twice

Doctor Strange enchants Peter Parker in Homeless Spider-Man

When Peter’s identity is revealed, MJ and Ned suffer the consequences of becoming his friends. To solve the problem, Peter sought help from Doctor Strange, and the witch happily agreed to brainwash the entire world.

It was met with criticism when the first trailer was released, and remains a subject of confusion as to why Doctor Strange performed amnesia magic in the first place. It looks very unusual. While Stephen was known to be reckless in the past, he has become serious about taking on his responsibilities as a wizard. Surprisingly, he didn’t ask any questions to make sure the spell was a last-ditch effort before it was cast. This has to be one of the worst decisions a character makes in the MCU.

Too many “Uncle Ben” moments

Homeless Spider-Man with Aunt May played by Marisa Tomei

Halfway through the film, the Green Goblin takes over Norman Osborn’s body and kills Aunt May. Before she dies, she reminds Peter of his responsibility to the boy – or in this case, to the misunderstood villain.

A lot of people love the MCU Spiderman Movie because they ignored the “Uncle Ben” plot. Spiderman Attributes tend to abuse this plot device, and it’s nice to have a web hero who doesn’t have to go through it all again. While the performances of Marisa Tomei, Tom Holland and Willem Dafoe were perfect in this scene, some fans wished that the ridiculous antics could be avoided.

clear mind

Doctor Strange uses a mnemonic spell in Spider-Man: Homeless.

when you have an orgasm homelessThe three Spider-Man healed their villains, and Doctor Strange erased Peter Parker’s existence from the minds of everyone in the world.

Brainwashing the entire universe is a controversial way to end it homeless, but it’s not just the spell itself that bothers fans. Viewers are also concerned about its consequences. The guests from the other world had disappeared, but no one knew where they had returned from. As for Holland’s Peter, it looks like he could do more to help Ned and Jordan remember him. He can stay at the Statue of Liberty with his friends and explain himself to them as soon as the spell is cast. Instead, fans got one of the saddest MCU movie endings ever.

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Spider-Man Homecoming - Peter is injured

homeless Aspects of reconsideration Spiderman The franchise and the entire MCU. For example, it’s implied that Peter has finally reached the climax of his origin story in this third solo movie.

The problem with this retcon is that it ignores the origin story of Spider-Man homecomingHe can’t rely on his suit but on his will and strength to defeat Vulture, even if it means missing his chance with Liz. homeless Seems to forget that Peter had a defining heroic moment, showing that he knew he had a responsibility to the world because he was Spider-Man. on the surface, homeless It’s a fun and exciting adventure, but it has hidden — and not-so-hidden — flaws. Most fans agree that the movie is great, and despite the disappointment, it’s still a good and enjoyable movie in the end.

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