10 The Office Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

classic comedy office Full of hilarious moments and really memorable quotes. Between Michael, Dwight, and the rest of the group, there’s enough comedy to last a lifetime.

There are moments, and everyone knows it. However, there are other great moments that may not go unnoticed by the casual fan. True fans know all about the movie and will likely recount every hilarious line in the film. Trying to narrow down the best lines and scenes from the movie is nearly impossible, but you can safely say if you’re going to take a joke out of the movie. office It must be funny to have a tattoo on your body. Here are 10 tattoos inspired by officewhich only true fans can understand.

save the robber

Dwight Shrute is a lot of things, but he’s not always so smart. When no one in the office attended his fire safety seminar at a certain time of day, he decided to test their skills by lighting a small fire in the office. room and lock the door.

What he thought would be a great lesson turned into a crazy mess. People started throwing things out the office windows and Oscar decided to get into the vent for help.

During the chaos, Angela begged Oscar to save her cat, the robber, which was locked in her desk drawer. She continues to throw Bandit to the ceiling, only for him to immediately fall. This tattoo captures the moment so perfectly. Definitely one of the show’s top three openers.

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dogs and cats

Andy Bernard, aka Nader the Dog, is very special. No one will ever forget his anger issues, singing ability and many nicknames he likes to give. Perhaps the best was the one he gave himself, Nard Dog.

Either way, Andy almost always behaves like a puppy. He’s always confused, hungry or restless because things don’t go his way. You still love him no matter what, just because he is who he is.

Dwight CPR

When Stanley suffered a heart attack during Dwight’s fire safety program, members of the office had to take some training in CPR.

A sweet lady tries to teach the workers the importance and details of chest compressions, and Dwight once again decides to take matters into her own hands. He proceeded to tear off the CPR dummy and put the dummy’s face on his own like a mask. While it’s completely messy and twisted, it’s also one of the show’s funniest moments. Absolutely the perfect moment to mark it permanently on your body.

9,986,000 won

in season 7 office, We saw Michael Scott attend his last Dundies Awards. It was a really bittersweet moment and a real tear. While Michael may have done some questionable things both as a boss and as a human being, it was hard for people to see him go.

The rest of the office decided to pay a sweet tribute to him for his last Dundies. They combined sing “Season of Love” by Rent; 9,986,000 minutes. This was when Michael worked at Dunder Mifflin.

best boss in the world

In the show’s pilot episode, Michael Scott can be seen holding his “World’s Best Boss” mug, proudly saying he got it from Spencer’s gift.

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It appears in various episodes throughout the rest of the series, but it builds up Michael Scott’s character very well. He truly believes he is the best boss in the world and we really can’t disagree with him. He’s had his ups and downs, probably countless. But you have to love him no matter what.


Watching Jim Halpert continue to prank Dwight Schrute is one of the best office. Dwight was weird, Jim was fed up. It’s easy to prank.

One of Jim’s best works is putting Dwight’s stapler in jelly. That’s really the main joke of the show – let’s see what we did there. Really, this prank never goes out of style, and the words “damn Jim” above the stapler are really just icing on the cake.


No one can match Stanley. He has a lively and quick-witted personality, but is generally a quiet person. He’s mostly quiet, but the day we really see him shine is Soft Pretzel Day. On this day, Dunder Mifflin’s office building has a counter selling soft biscuits.

Pretzel Day is a day off work that Stanley claims he doesn’t get paid enough for. Pretzel Day is what he really puts into work and it motivates him more than anything else. We’re all Stanleys, really.

she said so

Michael sometimes (well, all the time) likes the “that’s what she said” joke. However, half the time he really doesn’t understand the format of the joke. Other times, he understood, but he went too far.

He always tries to say it when it’s not the most appropriate, but that’s what makes it better. It’s a worldwide classic joke, hence the perfect tattoo.

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One of Michael’s best quotes. In his interview segments, we learn a lot about Michael Scott. Many of these things no one asked to know.

However, in a more humorous moment, Michael once told the camera that he was not superstitious. No, he’s not superstitious, but he’s a bit superstitious. Honestly…we get it, Michael.

Bear, Beet, Battlestar Galactica

As mentioned, Jim’s jokes about Dwight really never go out of style. Another classic is the day Jim dressed up as Dwight and walked into the office just like him.

Of course, this disgusted Dwight and caused him to lose his temper. Jim holds his character so well that no one will ever forget the classic line, “Bear, turnip, Battlestar Galactica

It is a office Signed, and what’s even better, the bear is shaped like Dwight. 10/10 tattoo.

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