10 Most Powerful Heroes & Villains Black Adam Has Defeated In DC Comics

And black adam Launched and leading the DC Extended Universe into an uncharted future, all eyes are on the nimble anti-hero. Widely known as Shazam’s main antagonist, Black Adam really comes into his own in the DC crossover event. 52At the event, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman left, while DC released comics every week for a year focusing on the remaining heroes. One of them is Black Adam.

This gives the villain an opportunity to show a different side. He eventually becomes more sympathetic, but still as dangerous as ever, even sparking World War III. He also took down a number of heroes and villains during the event, which is just one of the few times Black Adam took down some of DC’s very powerful heroes and villains.


The strongest DC Comics character that Black Adam has defeated after serving as a protector of Egypt for a thousand years is Ahk-Ton. This is an evil ruler who gained his powers from the Orb of Ra, making him the first Metamorpho. Ahk-Ton ruled Egypt, but made the mistake of attacking Kahndaq.

In ravaging Black Adam’s homeland and slaughtering his family, Adam swore revenge. Though he needed the help of time travelers, including Hawkman and Shazam, he eventually captured Ahk-Ton and killed him in a vengeful rampage.


Black Adam vs Brutus

Little is known about Brutus, although he later appeared in Naomi on the CW. However, in DC Comics, he shows up, trying to bring down the Justice League. In his first appearance, he met Black Adam in Kahndaq.

The Justice League arrives to help, but they realize that Adam doesn’t need help. To protect his country, Black Adam completely defeated Brutus, causing the aliens to flee through the portal. This fight is all Superman needs to invite Black Adam to join the Justice League.

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Mongolia II

Black Adam vs Mongul II

In fact, at one point in his life, Black Adam became a full-fledged member of the Sinestro Legion. This is thanks to his friendship with Sinestro himself. At one point, Sinestro needed help in his fight with Paling and asked Adam for help, as he had fought them before.

During this war, Paling attacked Earth and they brought Mongul II with them. Mongul II is stronger than ever thanks to the Pale Vicars that strengthen him. That still wasn’t enough for the gold-ringed Black Adam, who, with the help of St. Walker, used the Combine to bring down the alien conquerors.


Black Adam moves the moon.

Black Adam is not stingy in asking for help or offering help when someone kindly asks. When Ultraman and his criminal gang attacked Earth eternal evil, up to several villains to defeat them. For those who don’t know, Ultraman is an evil version of Superman from Earth 3, with all his powers and morals.

When Ultraman and Black Adam first fought, the mutant Superman beat him badly, crushing his jaw with his hand. However, Black Adam ultimately won when teaming up with Sinestro. He does this interestingly by moving the moon away from a forced eclipse, which is Ultraman’s fundamental weakness, helping to bring down an entire criminal organization.


Black Adam vs Sobek 52

inside 52 In the plot, Black Adam reformed himself. He married Adriana Tomaz and gave her the power of Isis. He also rescued her brother Amon and gave him the power of Osiris. However, it marks the end when Osiris befriends a talking crocodile named Sobek.

Sobek is actually Yurrd (Famine), one of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips. He causes famine, kills Isis, and then kills Osiris in cold blood. An enraged Black Adam attacked Sobek, tearing his jaw in two, instantly killing the mythical creature.

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Black Adam vs Azrayouz

Black Adam’s thirst for revenge had him tearing apart the rest of the Apokolips Four Horsemen, but when he reached Azraeuz, the god of death, he faced his toughest battle yet. When he traced to the country of Bilia, the two had a fierce battle.

In a fit of rage, Black Adam slaughtered every man, woman, and child in the country. Death has become more powerful due to the genocide and seems ready to overwhelm Adam. However, even the God of Reaper with all his might didn’t stand a chance and was defeated by Black Adam.

young frankenstein

Black Adam vs Young Frankenstein

Teen Titans appear in battle with Black Adam third world war. He defeated the Doom Patrol and destroyed the Ten of China. Beast Boy and Raven lead the Titans against Black Adam, and after he defeated Hawk and Dove, young Frankenstein attacked him.

This causes Black Adam to show a bit of mercy and simply rip off the young hero’s arm, knocking him out in the fight but allowing him to survive. However, Beast Boy ignored Raven’s pleas to step back and charged forward. This caused Black Adam to eventually go on a rampage, and he punched a hole in Terra, killing her.


Black Adam vs Hawkman

Black Adam has a complicated relationship with the Justice Society, which will play out in his big-screen movie. There are several heavyweights on the team, with Doctor Fate and Hawkman at the top of the list. Of the two, Adam thoroughly defeated Hawkman.

This happens laterthird world war plot Black Adam: Dark Ages. Adam has lost his powers and is looking for a way to revive his dead wife. The JSA is pursuing him to make him pay for his war crimes. Adam temporarily regained his powers and eventually fought Hawkman in an aerial battle. Before returning to his mission, Adam beat Hawkman badly.

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Superman vs Black Adam

Superman and Black Adam have fought several times in DC Comics. The relationship between the two is currently very good, and Superman also actively invited Adam to join the Justice League. When they fought, however, their war rocked the world.

Superman often needs help defeating Adam. When they fought one on one, Black Adam got the upper hand by using magic.exist action comics #831, Black Adam tries to stop the psychiatrist, Superman thinks Adam is the bad guy and attacks him. Black Adam was about to win when Lois Lane threw Psycho off the roof, and Superman rushed in to save the man, giving Adam an empty victory.

mars hunter

Black Adam defeated Martian Manhunter.

Many DC fans consider Martian Manhunter to be the equivalent of Superman in terms of strength levels. This duo are aliens with superhuman strength and durability. Manhunter’s psychic abilities have an even greater advantage. However, he has no chance against Black Adam.

During this period world War father Plot, Martian Manhunter goes to stop Black Adam. First, Adam vaporizes the Hunter with a bolt of lightning, then he allows him to use superpowers to enter his mind. Black Adam just smiled, letting him see all the hatred and anger in his heart. Manhunter ran into space in tears.

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