10 Hilarious Rockstar Memes Only Fans Of GTA & Red Dead Redemption Understand

Rockstar Games owns two of the biggest video game franchises. In 2013, Grand Theft Auto DRAW Launched and quickly became a staple video game. Its action-packed open world has put it on some gamers’ must-play lists. Another game from Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption 2is a complete and exciting journey in its sequence.

The two franchises differ in setting and gameplay, but both resonate with players. In fact, memes about the two are still being created to this day. Here are ten memes that fans are sure to understand.


this Grand Theft Auto The series is known for its main characters.exist Grand Theft Auto san andreasThen the new protagonist, CJ, has to go back to the city where he grew up, and while there, he complains about going back to his hometown.

This moment has become increasingly popular in recent years. In a meme based on the scene, Mrs. Puff is from SpongeBob . Square Pants Get ready to teach SpongeBob to drive again. Mrs. Puff is known for being always reluctant to teach SpongeBob how to drive, so she fits this meme well.

highest honor

a nice detail Red Dead Redemption 2 That fans can play Arthur Morgan all they want. They can play him as a nice guy if they want to, or they can make him rude to everyone. Whether the player makes Arthur friendly or rude affects several things in the game, including the appearance of Arthur’s grave.

If Arthur is honored, flowers will bloom around his grave and it will look beautiful. If Arthur’s honor is low, his grave will be messy and flowerless. That’s why in the meme, Carl Fredricksen comes from upward Give Arthur the highest honor he can have.

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three generations

When Sony announced the PlayStation 5, they showed off a trailer for a game with the Rockstar logo on it. Fans are excited because they think this means Rockstar’s latest game is about to be released. However, the result is a message, Grand Theft Auto DRAW Coming soon on PlayStation 5.

this means Grand Theft Auto DRAW Will be available on three console generations. It makes sense, as the game has consistently sold well despite being out for years. Still, it’s understandable that fans want Rockstar’s latest game.

hard disk space

because the world Red Dead Redemption 2 Too big, it requires more storage space than most other games. Most people have to delete some games from their console to get enough storage space.

In the meme, millhouse comes from The Simpsons Represents the console as Red Dead Redemption 2 Takes up all the extra space. While the game may not leave much room for additional content, for some players it could be worth it.

dead or alive

While many players try to honor Arthur, this is not always the case. For example, a button to aim a weapon is also a button to interact with others. Since the buttons are the same, it is not difficult to point the gun at the person the player is trying to help.

Pointing a gun at someone will break the law, which will make Arthur a wanted man. The longer the player fights, the higher the bounty for Arthur, even until he wants to die or live. It’s annoying when a good thing can turn into a firefight.

Dutch origin

from start to finish Red Dead Redemption 2, the sanity of the Dutch is gradually declining. Initially, he shows interest and reason in making decisions. But as the game progresses, he breaks up and plunges into violence at the gang’s expense.

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In the meme, Elmo comes from sesame sugar Represents the mentality of the Dutch. At first, the Dutch were very happy to be with their loved one. In the end, Dutch became disorganized and reveled in the destruction he had created.

forgetful police

when the player is inside Grand Theft Auto, the police will hunt them down. If the player evades the police long enough, the wanted level will drop. Once the player no longer has a wanted level, the police will stop the pursuit.

In the meme, when Loki says “I’ve never seen this guy in my life”, he represents the police after the wanted level disappears. When players lose the level they want, the police seem to forget why they’re chasing them and just get on with their day’s work.

quiet time

close to start Red Dead Redemption 2, Lenny and Micah are caught by law. Lenny escapes, telling Arthur Micah will be hanged. At this point, Arthur certainly doesn’t like Micah, so he doesn’t immediately think of saving him. He can also tell that Lenny is upset about what happened, so he decides to give Lenny a drink before they rescue Micah.

As the meme shows, Lenny and Arthur happily laugh and drink while Micah rots in prison. Since Micah was acting a bit suspicious before his arrest, it shouldn’t be difficult for players to have fun with Arthur and Lenny.

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The Art of Thanos @harryosbornart.

Los Santos is a famous city Grand Theft Auto series.it not only in Grand Theft Auto DRAWbut it also appears in Grand Theft Auto san andreasMany fans may be familiar with Los Santos due to its prominent role in the series.

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Since Los Santos is so popular, most fans will probably understand the meme above. In the meme, Thanos is in Grand Theft Auto Style with “Los Thanos” underneath him. It’s a simple joke, but fans are sure to love it.

you or fur

Usually has random quests in it Red Dead Redemption 2 May be activated accidentally. A common quest involves a stranger getting kidnapped or losing a horse. Players can rescue strangers and take them where they need to go. However, giving a stranger a ride can sometimes be inconvenient.

This can be inconvenient if the player has just killed a legendary animal and obtained its rare skin. In order for a stranger to ride a horse, the player must remove the hide on the horse’s back and leave it. The meme has the feeling of wanting to help, but also wanting a rare skin.

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