10 Hilarious Memes Inspired By Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh

series of nicks drake and josh is a fan favorite and has spawned numerous memes influenced by the series and iconic characters. Drake and Josh, It originally started in 2004 and ran until 2007, utterly hilarious and giving all of its old fans an incredibly nostalgic feel.

drake and josh Follow the boys as they grow up and learn to live like a family. Eventually, they become more and more like brothers and end up seeing each other that way. drake and josh The memes are not only funny but also arouse nostalgia in the hearts of fans.

Jedi knights are not real

combine drake and josh And Star Wars Prequel memes make for some of the best memes around. This meme features Drake and Josh as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi Sith’s Revenge, just before the great war. Anakin and Obi-Wan are a lot like brothers, which makes Drake and Josh even better. It also pairs the classic lines “You call me a liar?” “I won’t call you the truth!” It’s just the perfect rebuttal to the Jedi’s lies.

video games

video game meme drake and josh

Regardless of the situation, adults always like to blame video games. Violence, bad ideas, and especially slow computers. This meme is hilarious because there’s one of those moments where Josh accuses Meghan of some kind of crime and replaces it so it fits better with the current meme. Mothers opened 783 tabs while running 456 programs and still blamed the video games their kids played online.

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Drake and Josh Meghan Meme Pack

A few years ago, there were several TV series about Drake and Josh in real life. Josh Peck is married, Drake Bell is not invited. There was a bit of a backlash from fans, as Josh didn’t seem to think he and Drake were close enough to invite.

Drake is really affected and has been tweeting a lot about these events because he feels Josh is really like his brother. The two boys are now over and getting along, but after the show fans of the series feel like Megan must have stolen Drake’s invitation in the mail. This meme is pretty cool because it suggests she’s doing it. Megan!


drake and josh grim reaper meme

Some of the coolest memes are also the simplest. In the original version of this meme, Josh says “I can’t control the rate at which lobsters die” and of course it’s about dying lobsters. But in this meme, most of the words are blocked, only saying “I control the dice”, before the title “When you are Death”. This meme is funny because it’s actually pretty simple and it sucks. Words are brutally removed in the best possible way.

Circle Game!

Drake and Josh Gamesphere Memo

This meme is obviously a bit dated, given that the PS5 was recently released and there’s no Xbox 720 (as many hoped), but it’s still noticed. Everyone wants a Gamesphere! What’s more fun than a spherical game board that looks like a giant bowling ball? Josh compares his amazing Gamesphere to other famous Consuls of the era, but he ignores them if he wants to play the field again. His game face is completely tilted.

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foreign key

Drake and Josh SpongeBob Meme

This iconic moment comes from drake and josh When Drake forgot to cut a hole in the door so the boys could leave their treehouse, it was one of the funniest moments in the entire series. It seems many fans agree as this has become one of the biggest memes of the show. In this particular scene, as Drake and Josh stand outside SpongeBob’s house in the freezing cold, locked out, the meme mixes up some Nickelodeon powerhouses. Josh looks resentful, just like he is on the show, but the way he crosses his arms also makes him look cold.

do it

Drake and Josh Palpatine Meme

This meme takes two famous sayings and mixes them together. Emperor Palpatine said, “Do it!” is one of the most iconic moments in the prequel series Star Wars. It also happens to be a big meme right now.

“Do it!” by Palpatine. combined with Josh’s signature “Doin ‘it!” is pure perfection, as Palpatine seems to have Josh on the dark side right now.


drake and josh adult memes

Being an adult is not easy, a life lesson drake and josh Absolutely nothing prepares the audience for it. However, in many ways, drake and josh At least these two great characters are depicted going through the same problems as many viewers today. But instead of being beaten by a bunch of kids, fans were beaten by their bad choices, carb intake, and terrible anxiety. Adults are hard.

Netflix adaptation

ReZero Netflix Drake and Josh Meme

While Netflix adaptations are slowly getting better, they start out as a mess, so the “manga”, “anime” and “Netflix adaptations” memes start here. This meme focuses on popular anime, Answer: no. Rem and Ram are twin sisters with blue and pink hair. In the anime and manga, the two girls look exactly as expected, but in the “Netflix adaptation” it looks like Drake and Josh will be back together as their new moe characters.

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Jedi is coming

Drake and Josh Star Wars Prequel Meme

Another prequel emoticon pack, this one is housed in Star Wars: The Phantom Menaceactually from one of the opening passages. The great thing about this meme is that Drake and Josh just don’t get along Star Wars environment. Josh looks at Drake disapprovingly, and in this case, Drake doesn’t seem to anticipate that the Jedi will use their lightsabers to break down the door. The look of disappointment on Josh’s face made it all better.

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