10 Hilarious Futurama Memes Only Devoted Fans Would Understand

cartoon sci-fi comedy fly into the future often considered an underrated sibling The SimpsonsAlso created by Matt Groening, the show ran for seven seasons and followed the adventures of just-in-time frozen pizza delivery man Fry and the eccentric crew of a Planet Express delivery ship. Its humor has more adult room and its setting is also more eccentric.

Even though it didn’t gain a huge following The Simpsons Have, fly into the future holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. When it was cancelled, the outcry was so overwhelming that it returned briefly for several subsequent TV series, reminding us all how much we loved the show. .

Of course, every great performance comes with awesome emojis and fly into the future is one of the most memorable shows around. Here, we take a look at the best.

come out

The “shut up and take my money” meme is possibly one of the most widely known fly into the future photo manipulation. Fry is an incredible man and this line is one of his most memorable. Very relevant and easy to understand, a meme has many uses and you will see it a lot on forums.

As expected, there are also a lot of changes, often overtaking the franchises by casting Fry as an alternate character and changing from money. However, the original is still the best, which is why it made this list.

Zapp is not a Listenigan

While many memes focus on the Planet Express crew, it wouldn’t be a list of memes without at least one crazy side character. Zapp Brannigan is one of the best, he is known for his penchant for femininity and his inability to focus on anything that doesn’t concern him.

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This meme perfectly summarizes Zapp while also capturing the moments when we ignore what others are saying. Relevant and useful, this is a meme with many uses. Make sure you don’t use it too often, or your loved ones won’t like it!

Good news for everyone

Admit it, you read the title in his voice too, didn’t you? Professor Farnsworth is the leader of the Planet Express crew and an inventor with a limited track record. What he does have, however, is a great catchphrase and a unique voice.

much fly into the future Fans can read the infamous phrase in his voice without even looking at the picture. Some will even speak loudly, leaving a very bad impression. Is this phenomenon really an idea he invented? This is my new reality.

the shadow of simpsons

You can recognize Fry’s face. This is another meme that has been immortalized in hundreds of different memes. We can only make a complete list of memes that use it, and there are many more.

Although it is difficult to choose a single photo, this photo perfectly captures the emotions of many people. fly into the future Fans after the show was canceled. No one knows whether to be sad or relieved, especially when the show is at its peak. The Simpsonsmaybe just a little bit.

lila of mini comedy

Leela is beloved, but not as memorable as Fry. This photo captures it perfectly, showcasing the famous Fry meme while also making a terrible pun involving the eyes.

It’s certainly not the most classic joke, but it’s a lot of fun. Eye is sure Leela won’t mind, after all, this isn’t the only Cyclops joke we’ve heard so far.

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Where is Blackjack?

Bender is a robot with simple requirements. He likes to drink and express his views out loud. He often claims that he is starting his own business, and it often involves blackjack and prostitutes.

The rendition of those immortal words once again refers to the show’s cancellation, but also brings other beloved and canceled sci-fi movies, firefly. This is a meme that we hope is true. Ask Bender to do it.

you should feel bad

This meme shows the moment everyone’s favorite crustacean, Zoidberg, turns into a rogue. If you want to express your distaste for something, this meme will help you.

Using the original “you should feel bad” ending, this meme has multiple versions online. If you want to comfort fly into the future Style This is your meme. Just don’t post too often or you could turn into a troll.

Where’s my phone?

Gigantic Bender’s sneak attempt remains one of the show’s funniest moments. Fry’s seemingly sincere confusion only adds to the humor.

This meme not only reminds us of that great moment, but it’s also really easy to understand. How many of you have left your phone in a dark but conspicuous place and spent too much time looking for it? I know I have. This meme is for all of us.

steal memes

Bender is not known for his honesty and that is reflected in this flawless meme, which shows how much he stole a lot of memes. Would he be offended if someone else stole and then stole from him? Also very relevant.

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Do you guys know how hard it is to find and retweet, retweet, or collect all these memes from other people? It’s not like you know memes are everywhere on the internet. Wait, wait, what is this article about?

We all need Zoidberg

When making a list of memes, it was inevitable that I needed to come up with another meme about Futurama and Zoidberg. Futurama once again demonstrates its versatility, as this is another image that you will surely recognize.

The classic “Why not Zoidberg?” is a memorable line, and an even more memorable meme. Everyone’s favorite doctor, unless they really have any disease, likes to ask that question. Here it’s immortalized for all in meme form, along with countless other questions you didn’t know the phrase could answer.

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