10 Hilarious Aquaman Logic Memes Only True DC Fans Will Understand

Superhero Aquaman has gone from being the target of every pop culture joke to being the most popular superhero in the DCEU thanks to James Wyn’s movie starring hot guy/bad guy Jason Momoa Proven. An original film has grossed over a billion dollars.

Long before Aquaman became a popular figure in the public mind, whenever someone wanted to mock a DC hero, he was known to be the one making every joke. Here are the 10 funniest internet memes about the Lord of the Seas.

Aquaman summons your favorite underwater characters

Since Aquaman is the king of the seas, he’ll have the ability to summon and command all your favorite underwater characters in the most epic fishfight ever. Giant shark vs giant octopus. Imagine a sequel in which Aquaman orders Mermaid Ariel to attack, aided by Nemo, Dory, and Shark. Shark story.

The team may not have the raw powers of the Justice League, but there will be cuter moments when Ariel and Arthur Curry teach Nemo the wonders of the outside world, hopefully with the help of one or two play.

Who else but Aquaman

Aquaman is the last hero to try to save them in an emergency before Jason Momoa takes off his shirt in the movie. According to the meme, whenever someone screams “Who’s going to save this drowning victim?” Designed for emergencies.

You still believe that Batman is a bigger help than Atlantis. To be fair, Batman would definitely build a Bat submarine just for this occasion, while Aquaman would probably rely on a swarm of sharks to pull you to shore or something.

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friendly green elves

It could be argued that Willem Dafoe is comic book royalty. He was perfect in his role as the iconic Green Goblin in Sam Raimi’s first movie Spiderman film, arguably the first successful solo superhero film in modern times. Of course, fans are excited to see Dafoe return to the big screen to interact with another superhero, although a bit shocked to see him switch to playing the good guy.

Of course, many fans who know Goblin Dafoe best expect him to attack Aquaman at any moment and reveal himself as the film’s secret villain.

Aquaman Goes Punk

one robot chickenThe most famous superhero joke, this meme comes from a short sketch in which the superhero friends are preparing to fight evil aboard Wonder Woman’s stealth jet. They waited patiently as Aquaman slowly ran towards the plane and abruptly jumped into the remaining invisible seat, only to find that there was no plane, while the others were just circling in the air, pretend to be up there.

The skit ends with Aquaman plopping down on the ground as his teammates burst out laughing. It’s pathetic if not hilarious.

Neptune’s Revenge

Comics have long attempted to break stereotypes of Aquaman as a useless hero by showing him commanding a mighty army of sea monsters. A side effect of this approach is that comics featuring Aquaman always seem to be trying too hard to look cool. Sure, it’s great that he can command giant sharks to do his bidding, but this is the Justice League universe.

Aquaman’s teammates are gods like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Raising your hand like a fan at a Grateful Dead concert and summoning a siren to do your dirty work seems a bit lazy compared to Superman shooting lasers from his eyes or Batman wearing Hellbat armor .

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clothes upgrade

aquaman appeared for the first time Alliance justice, he wears a darker version of his superhero costume. Still the same gold and blue theme, but everything is very pleasing to the eye, as if the producer thought Aquaman’s original costume was too gaudy for a live-action movie.

Luckily, James Wan isn’t worried, and the rendition of his Aquaman suit is taken directly from the comics, giving us a vibrant and bright yellow and green suit that’s good. than the previous image in every way.

Drogo is back!

The comic version of Aquaman is closer to Jaime Lannister Game of Thrones More than Khal Drogo. However, it was the actor behind Drogo who ultimately chose to play Aquaman, and the movie and manga producers even changed the hero’s appearance to match Momoa’s.

The end result is an Aquaman that looks like Drogo himself. Imagine if Aquaman appeared on the HBO show as a reincarnated Drogo, this time with fish powers. To be fair, this isn’t the dumbest thing on the show.

when girlfriends fight

Considering the army of sea creatures Aquaman commands, it makes sense for him to befriend some of them. So what happens when Aquaman quarrels with his shark friend? Will the shark forget allegiance to the King of Atlantis to the point of chasing after the superhero intending to eat him?

Perhaps Aquaman prevented the shark from eating a human boat, which caused the shark to suddenly decide that it had enough of His Majesty’s divided allegiance to the sea world and the land world?

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“Family Guy” made a joke

As we said, there are a lot of jokes about how useless Aquaman is in popular culture, and this one comes from boy’s family is one of the darkest.

When a woman was sexually harassed just a few feet from the sea, Aquaman could only watch helplessly and beg the attacker to stop. That’s the kind of content the Internet has been watching consistently for the past decade, which is why many viewers who aren’t familiar with the comics quickly ignore Aquaman until they see Jason Momoa in action.

parody and reality

Finally, we got the triumphant meme about Aquaman saying give it to his haters, who were quick to label him a crippled superhero.

You’ll see Aquaman parodies that are very popular online, contrasting with Jason Momoa standing in all his glory, wielding a golden trident, clad in gold and green armor, muscular from every protruding pore from within, while those sharp eyes peered from beneath the bushes. Eyebrow. Read them and cry, haters.

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