10 Ghostbusters Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

With quirky humor, creative special effects, and natural chemistry between the four main characters, ghost catcher It became an instant classic when it premiered in 1984. Scripted and starring Harold Rammis, it follows the adventures of three paranormal professors, after being corrupted by the Great. Columbia University, decided to start their own paranormal extermination business. Then they get a new member who cleans up the gang perfectly.

funny in ghost catcher From Dan Aykroyd’s humor to Bill Murray’s sharp wit, the witty opening was covered. It is one of the most cited films of all time, inspiring sequels, reboots, animated series, and several comic books. We’ll even see some of the old members get back together Ghost Hunter 2020! But before that, enjoy 10 hilarious memes from the movie.

I’m Zul!

Zuul, Gozer’s Gatekeeper, is a powerful demigod who guards the entrance to hellish dimensions beyond the reach of mortals. Zuul burst from the gutters atop the Shandor building to serve the Gozer vandals after they arrived in physical form.

exist catch ghost, When Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) comes home to go on a date with Peter Venkman, Zuul is possessed. Zuul turned her into a seducer, uttering the infamous, “No Dana, only Zuul!”.

We wish you happiness

bad big main ghost catcher That is Gozer the Destructor aka Gozer the Gozerian… and many other prestigious names. Before Gozer was Zuul, Terror Dog, a demigod who foretold Gozer’s arrival on the human world.

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Worshiped by the Mesopotamians and many other civilizations in antiquity, Gozer was summoned to New York City to take over the world. In one female form, Gozer looks a lot like an aluminum Christmas tree, while in another she resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

I have seen dead people

Although it’s a pity that such a lovely child sees a dead person the sixth Sense, That really makes him a candidate for Ghostbusters. His talent could make him a valuable addition to the team, especially after the team accepts the challenge.

Some members didn’t even particularly believe in ghosts when they were recruited, and even their secretaries wondered if the paranormal really existed. But a scientist in New York City with little work needed to lose weight once to become a true believer.

Mass hysteria!

Venkman gets lots of good lines (“We came, we saw, we kicked his ass!”), all delivered in second-year wood signed by Murray. When Ghostbusters discussed the impending apocalypse with the mayor of New York City, Venkman described it as: “The sacrifice of humans, cats and dogs living together… mass hysteria!”.

Dress for the job you want

The way a person presents himself in public often determines the level of respect and courtesy he or she receives. When it comes to a successful career, the way a person dresses often determines how easily (or otherwise) they get the job they most desire.

If being a Ghostbuster was as easy as putting on a jumpsuit and carrying a paranormal confinement device with you, everyone would do it. Better save your best Ghostbusters movies for the tour before you find yourself being called into Gozer’s office.

RIP Harold Ramis

The late Harold Ramis, who played Dr. Egon Spengler in the film catch ghost, Also the comic mind behind writing it. He had no intention of acting on his own, but ultimately decided that he was the best choice for the role. Then he wanted to act with his friends Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

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After Ramis’ death, fans erected a monument to his creation outside a New York City firehouse where the film’s exterior was filmed. They left Nestle Crunch Bars and Twinkies in honor of his creative genius.

Mom, can we get some Ghostbusters?

2016 ghost catcher The film, which stars Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones, failed to live up to fan or studio expectations. Fans of the original are being fooled by this “soft reboot” for a number of reasons.

Their biggest complaint is not the all-female cast, but what they consider poor dialogue and storytelling. It’s hard to understand whether this movie is a sequel to the series or a full reboot, especially when so much of the original movie’s content is used, even if core aspects are all dropped. via. ghost catcher.

don’t break his lunch box

When ghost catcher When it first came out, it became a travesty of the trade in popular culture. between its release and Ghostbusters II In 1989, it was the driving force behind sales of toys, posters, bedding, clothing and, of course, lunch boxes.

10 reasons why ‘Ghostbusters 2’ is better than the original

ghost catcher inspirational novels, a comic book series, and even its own animated TV show (hence its own action figures). These days, fans can get copies of Proton Packs, as well as bento boxes that look like ghost traps, perfect for cosplay or you know food.

horror dog humiliation

As you scroll through your Facebook feed, you’ll see memes mocking pets. They depict man’s furry friend with a mark around his neck informing them of terrible crimes like vomiting in their owner’s sock drawer or urinating into their shoe collection.

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Pet-shaming horror dogs may be different for pet owners, mainly because they are so possessed by Zuul that it’s impossible to shame their pet in this way. In fact, Zuul will require store owners to wear a sign that says, “I saw something strange around here and didn’t call Ghostbusters.”

KEYMASTER in the table

exist catch ghost, Louis Tulley had little chance with long-legged neighbor Dana Barrett. He is a mediocre accountant, yearning for her from afar, not having the courage to ask her out, and forced to witness Dr. Venkman beating him up.

Dana’s romantic life takes a different turn when he is possessed by Zuul and he becomes the Keymaster, making the two vassals of the Gozer Terminator. Perhaps “Gozer the Matchmaker” should be added to the list of demigods’ nicknames.

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