10 Console Exclusive Games That Deserve A PC Port

And god of war ragnarok Dominating at The Game Awards 2022 thanks to smooth and skillful gameplay, many PC gamers want the original God of War Ported to PC since 2005. It’s not just about nostalgia for replaying this good old game or the endless possibilities of cool mods that port brings, but also the potential for exploration opportunities. Break more advanced in its detailed world.

Motivated by a question from boytisoy, Redditors discuss console exclusives that deserve full PC treatment, sparking hopes of revived gameplay and a host of new releases. awesome mods that can reproduce the awesomeness of those games.

Discover (2007)

In spite of unexplored seas Having been remade for PS4 by Bluepoint, PC gamers are sure that porting the game will make an undeniable difference. The oilcloth merchant commented: “I know Sony doesn’t want to spend the money, but it would be nice to remake 1-3 with uncharted 4 graphics and release it on PC

Although other fans say unexplored seas There’s no need to reboot and Reddit users have a point. Porting the game to PC will improve the character models while also supporting the visuals with more advanced lighting engines, attracting new fans to the series who have been interested in 2022. unexplored seas movies and give loyal fans the shocks of better days in the past. For now, bringing the first game in the series in sync with its successors by improving clumsy character animations and expanding limited areas is just a dream.

God of War (2005)

God of War 1 poster Kratos

original God of War Witnessing the scene where Kratos points his Chaos Blade at Ares and unleashes a 1,000-year-old sacred secret in a then-inspired style has spawned a series that doesn’t have a bad entry to this day. But that doesn’t mean its fiery world can’t be improved by the PC port. “i miss and love [the] The game, I would absolutely love it if it officially came out on PC.

One of the main disadvantages of single-player action-adventure games is that the player has no reason to continue playing the game after it has been defeated. However, the beginning of the transplant God of War Taking into account mods, the move from the series to PC offers seemingly endless possibilities for the game. In addition to eliminating the linear progression that prevents the player from fully exploring the environment, the game runs fast even with detailed environments and large numbers of enemies on the screen, which makes the original game messy.

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Notoriety (2009)

Cole is popular and takes center stage

this notorious The game series has always had PC owners begging for a port, with one of Sucker Punch Studios’ best endings. Changes to its morality system that reveal a bigger difference between the green lightning-wielding Cole and the spooky red devil would be a nice addition to the PC version. It also features one of the most unique travel mechanics ever, allowing the player to glide through the air using Cole’s amazing electric abilities on power lines, notorious Its fun is maximized if transferred.

While the game doesn’t have any serious gameplay issues, issues such as falling building textures when speeding through the city and inevitable framerate drop pop-ups are easily noticeable. more during playback. Mods can solve many of the problems that come with sandbox-style gameplay, giving players more to do by adding more realistic elements and fancy cutscenes to the game world. One Reddit user agreed, sharing, “Infamous 1 and 2 need to be on PC

Ghost of Tsushima (2020)

Jin on horseback overlooking the lake in Ghost of Tsushima.

Considered one of the best story-driven games of all time, Tsushima’s Soul Fans need PC ports more than ever. Focusing on samurai Jin Sakai’s struggle to liberate Japan from the Mongols, this historical fiction game already boasts stunning graphics and beautiful gameplay that can only be further perfected with portability. to PC.

One Reddit user swears it’s true, noting: “Started it, loved it, got distracted, and now I’m definitely waiting to play my base PS4 on the 3080 lol. Looks like it’s going to be a blockbuster, and it’s doneTsushima’s SoulEngaging combat and groundbreaking visuals in a vibrant open world could make another great leap to the PC port, rumored to be released on Steam in the near future.

Giant Ghost Remake (2015)

Shadow of the Giants Cenobia Tracker

One of the best story-driven games on PS2, when the shadow of the giant Finally getting a makeover for PS4 in 2015, fans could barely contain their excitement. After recreating the action-adventure game and its surprisingly dark story about a man in a dark world full of stone monsters, players just wondered how beautiful it would be on PC. .

Players like agentfrogger begged: “sony please port [Shadows of the Colossus] redo.“Anyone who has experienced this masterpiece knows that its visuals are like the beating heart of the game, combining the story with the sombre setting in a memorable way. Bringing this classic up PC will attract a larger audience as it is only available on Sony all consoles and helps it maintain the commercial rights.

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Blood Survival (2015)

Hunters face the main art of the gothic city Yharnam for Bloodborne.

Replay one of the harshest realities blood transfusion But it hasn’t arrived on PC yet, hindering its truly great potential. Its graphics were spectacular when it was released, but it has lost a bit of its luster over time. Schwarz says:Honestly, at this point, Bloodborne is clearly gone from PC, there must be an external (probably stupid) reason preventing the PC switch from happening

when from Devil soul redo or Elden’s ring Come back blood transfusion, there is a noticeable graphical difference, which will make it harder for enemies to spot. PC mods can reshape the order of action RPGs better than PS4, making them easier to compare with newer SoulsBorne titles while stepping up character and weapon customization.

Lost Adventures (2007)

Cam Algonar in front of a beast in The Lost Odyssey

in spite of lost adventure Considered one of the best role-playing games of all time, due to the unique dark story of a memoryless immortal fighting for a better future, and the stunning aesthetic that makes it feel completely… left in the dust. The techno-wizardry reviewer swears the game needs a PC port:”An underrated classic, the story of a millennial dream is unbelievable. really should be turned into something

The game is in the process of being removed from the Xbox 360 online store, so porting the game to PC will help a lot to keep the gem from fading away. The turn-based game’s menu system is outdated and could benefit from a new system that doesn’t affect the level cap, allowing players to earn a small amount of XP per game. Also, the weapons in Lost Odyssey are in dire need of a rework as they are unappealing and have no special abilities, and performance issues like frame rate drops are not uncommon.

Metal Gear Solid (1998) The snake hiding behind the tank

Some of the best stealth games ever made straight from metal gears that’s why fans like Seasidejoe say they want it:”Not just one, but the entire Metal Gear franchise,Moved to PC. The franchise started in 1998, so understandably, older games didn’t pass the test. That’s not to say these games still aren’t masterpieces with their revolutionary stealth mechanics and groundbreaking boss fights, though they certainly need to be tweaked.

The upgraded HD character models and improved AI will be an awe-inspiring sight for old fans as well as new players. Plus, make Snake playable from start to finish 2 . metal gear And not only Raiden will be the perfect motivation for players to experience the improved version. Even better, porting the Twin Snakes remake (tag on GameCube) could give the franchise more first-person exposure and creative use of environment-cloaking props to sneak past Shadows. Moses.

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The Perfect Xbox Live Dark Dark Remake (2000)

Joanna Dark Perfect Dark XBLA Remaster poster standing in front of the night scene

The remastered game has been significantly improved compared to the original game, perfect darkness Xbox Live Arcade brings Joanna Dark back to life ahead of her time. The first-person shooter involves uncovering alien conspiracies, venturing to exotic locations, and taking down enemies with awesome gear. Despite its critically acclaimed multiplayer, wide range of weapons, and smooth mechanics, a PC port could be just what the franchise needs.

Deutsch__Dingler admits: “Perfect Dark XBLA Remaster, Rare Replay Should Have PC Port. ” can be upgraded to include more content, make online multiplayer more powerful, and expand missing features, such as NPCs with fixed mouths when speaking and ambiguous mission objectives . Ultimately, playing on mouse and keyboard will be a consideration for the game. As satisfying as the game is, it’s an instantly sensational experience.

Red Dead Redemption (2010)

Red Dead Redemption poster featuring John Marston aiming a shotgun.

Known for the world of actual history and western film references, Red Dead Redemption: Redemption Show what it’s all about being a cowboy: bravely cross the border like an outlaw just to stay alive. American Frontier’s title is at its highest since 2010, but it’s still absent from Steam. Player gg_laverde shared: “always wanted to play the original [on PC],“This view is gaining popularity.

The Rockstar game, lauded for its richness at launch, has now fallen short of the level of gloss its developers expected. Of course, sometimes there are bugs and the game freezes because the graphics engine can’t keep up. speed of the game Red Dead Redemption: Redemptiondramatic action. What bothers fans most, however, are the countless missed opportunities for PC mods that can improve gameplay with highly detailed environments, weapon customization, and even game changer. Swap the creatures a cowboy rides on.

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