10 Characters From Tombstone Based On Real Gunslingers

as a westerner, headstone It is both a classic and a fascinating work of historical fiction. Surrounding all these wonderful singles, especially Val Kilmer’s Dr. Holliday, tells a story that is firmly grounded in true historical events.

However, while the Holliday and Earp brothers were stars of TV shows and history books, headstone The book includes supporting and supporting characters that add rich content to the story – the characters themselves are drawn from their colleagues who lived, fought, and died in the Old West.

Ike Clanton

Stephen Lang’s actor Ike Clanton steals the show in every scene, just like his onscreen counterpart, a real-life Clanton at OK Corral begged for life in the gunfight series. He later filed charges against Earps with murder and alleged involvement in Virgil Earp’s assassination, but his fellow cowboys provided him with an alibi.

based on real west However, justice soon caught up with Clanton’s journal, and in 1887 he tried to evade justice for allegedly stealing cattle. He was buried in an unmarked, anonymous grave, although in 1996 a descendant discovered what he believed to be Ike’s final resting place near Eagle Creek, Arizona.

“Curly Bill” Brosius

Cooley Bill tilted his head, looking at someone in Tombstone

Few lines have been turned into more memes than Powers Boothe’s reaction to the Earp family leaving town after the death of his brother Morgan. headstone. Whether or not the real “Curly Bill” said “ah…goodbye” is not part of any official history, but Brosius in the film and Brosius in the West did the same with most movies. Another feat on the big screen. The most brutal villain in the genre, proven.

He shot Field Marshal Fred White, but was later exonerated. He is suspected of being one of the gunmen who killed Morgan. He died when he and Wyatt Earp engaged in a gunfight on the shores of Iron Springs, in which Earp’s 10-gauge shotgun is said to have nearly ripped Brosius in half.

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johnny ringtones

In one of his most exciting film roles, actor Michael Biehn, with his steely eyes and intimidating tone—”I want your blood…I want your soul!”— making Johnny Ringo onscreen a formidable opponent of the Earp Band and Dr. Holliday. The real-life Ringo is heavily involved in the skirmishes depicted in the film, but the ending can mix poetry with reality.

According to historical records, it is not clear who killed Ringo. His body was found leaning against a tree with a gunshot wound to the temple, not a single bullet in his six-shot pistol, leading to his verdict as a homicide. suicide, which he seems to have threatened for years despite other theories. happened has been discussed since his death.

Frank McCrory

Split image of Frank McCrory angrily shooting someone in Tombstone

McCrory and his brother Tom drifted from Iowa to Texas and eventually found cowboy work in Arizona, where they met and became friends with Ike Clanton and Curly Beale. friend. Though suspected of stealing cattle, the McLauries eventually established a ranch outside Tombstone, with moderate success.

However, an ongoing dispute with the Earp family resulted in their deaths in the OK Corral. Although actor Robert John Burke doesn’t have many lines in “McLaury.” headstonehe widens his eyes in horror moments before his death, creating an amazing display of tension.

Frank Stillwell

Frank Stilwell Targets Tombstone

Tomas Arana is a character actor whose face is more recognizable than his name, and headstone Fans remember him as one of the Cowboys who tried to ambush Earps when they got their family on the train leaving Arizona. The historical Stilwell has a similar ending, but what’s fascinating about him is that his life is the exact opposite of his brother’s.

Simpson Stillwell was an American soldier, scout, lieutenant general, judge, and commissioner; His brother was acquitted of murder and robbery suspected of being involved in Morgan Earp’s death, and was found dead beside the tracks when he and Ike Clanton attempted to ambush Virgil Earp wounded and Earp’s wife.

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Sherman MacMaster

Sherman McMaster looks pensive in 'Tombstone'

Actor Michael Rooker has achieved greater fame in other roles, including as May, Daryl Dixon’s brother in “Daryl Dixon.” Merle. zombieBut as the outlaw Sherman McMaster, he’s a trusted ally of the Earp family, both on film and in real life.

Despite his connection to the Texas Rangers, the historic McMaster was also involved in mule thefts and carriage robberies, which led to him at one point having a shootout with Virgil Earp. However, when the battle between the Earps and the Cowboys turned bitter, McMaster came to the front. The exact time of his death and Wyatt himself claimed that McMaster became a soldier during the Spanish-American War, but legacy records provided by his family suggest he may have died. in Colorado in 1892.

“Turkish Creek” Jack Johnson

Türkiye Creek looking into the distance in Tombstone

By actor Buck Taylor (who started his career with gunpowder), Johnson was part of a “stylish couple” recruited by Dr. Holliday into Earp’s gang, headstoneThe star character’s line introducing the couple is one of the many things that makes the film so memorable. His real partner is also said to have ridden the real Wyatt Earp, and the two may have met in Dodge City or Deadwood, two infamous Old West locations.

Born John Johnson, he actually drove cattle with “Curly Bill” Brocius, played by Powers Boothe, in the movie known as He Supposedly Died of Tuberculosis in 1887, after leaving Tombstone after a race on the Earp Vendetta Ride. in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Texas Jack” vermilion

jack of texas and another in the tombstone

Born John Vermillion, joined Earps headstone Along with Johnson, Vermillion has actually been given another nickname: “Shoot Your Eyes” Vermilion, allegedly for doing so. A former Confederate soldier whose wife and child died of diphtheria led to a period of grief that led him to side with the Earps in their crusade.

He then returns to his home state of Virginia to marry and have children, but the lawless nature of the West pulls him back and he rides with legendary criminal Sobby Smith for until a shooting in Idaho brought him home and died there. The year 1911 passed peacefully.

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Billy Claiborne

Brother Earp and Dr. Holiday arrive at OK Corral.

Like many of his Cowboys counterparts, the real-life Billy Claiborne exhibits a tendency to be sadistic and cowardly, according to the website. history. After Billy the Kid died, he asked to be called by a nickname, and he allegedly killed a man who refused to do so.

However, when it comes to the famous penalty shootout OK Corral, Claiborne – at headstone By Wyatt Earp III, the real Earp’s fifth cousin – flees the scene with the Earp family, and Dr. Holliday confronts the gang of cowboys. Little is known about his end, except that he was shot in 1882 and buried at Butte Hill Cemetery in Tombstone.

billy breckenridge

Jason Priestley as Billy Breckenridge in 'Tombstone'

in his good qualities Beverly Hills 90210 Jason Priestley’s popularity seems like an odd addition headstone At the time, it was no surprise that his character had little influence on the story. Billy Breckenridge is said to be much sexier in real life american legend.

For example, he lived in the same 20th century as Wyatt Earp, and Breakenridge interviewed Earp in the late 1920s for his memoir, Helldorado: Bringing the Law to Mesquite. Earp later protested that Breckenridge’s unflattering depiction of him was incorrect, but the book’s popularity spawned the Tombstone Hell’s Day festival.

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