10 Best G & PG Rated Christmas Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes

Christmas story The revival, which recently debuted on HBO Max, brings a classic childhood Christmas star and gives viewers a nostalgic tale of the character’s now-adult family. While a return to the classic characters is fun, there’s nothing like the original story.

notwithstanding home alone or Love, there are hundreds of Christmas movies that are considered family classics by audiences. However, not all Christmas movies are suitable for all audiences. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Christmas movies G and PG are great options for the whole family to watch.

10 When She Sleeps (1995) – 81%

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Not every rom-com is suitable for all ages, but this Christmas-related movie is for younger audiences. while you are sleeping One of Sandra Bullock’s best movies, it’s a great introduction to the genre for younger audiences.

The plot follows Lucy after she saves her lover from being run over by a train, but gets into trouble when he falls into a coma and she accidentally convinces his family that they are engaged. The film not only demonstrates heroic deeds well, but also outlines the consequences of lying.

9 Mages (2003) – 85%

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Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf in Pokémon

leprechaun A fun, funny movie that is on many viewers’ Christmas watch lists. Many consider the film a holiday classic and believe it delivers the perfect Christmas cheer for everyone to see.

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Although some viewers found the film a bit unbelievably good, it is one of the main reasons why it is loved by others. There are plenty of hilarious moments throughout the plot, but all the humor is appropriate for audiences of all ages. It’s also an inspirational story about finding someone’s true place in the world.

8 Gremlins (1984) – 86%

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Christmas Carol Gremlins

in spite of goblins Usually classified as a thriller, its PG rating is suitable for most audiences. While this may not be the ideal watch for families with young children, it is a fun holiday watch for an older audience.

There are some creepy moments in this movie, but they turn out to be more interesting than scary. Although the film is filled with action and humor, it also teaches children an important lesson about following the rules. When Billy accidentally breaks the rules on how to take care of elves, he must ultimately correct the mistake and save the town from wild animals.

7 Jingle Jangle: Christmas Journey (2020) – 89%

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Young Jeronicus and Jessica Invent Something in His Lab in Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: Christmas Journey Definitely going to be a Christmas classic. In this fantasy world, an eccentric toy maker embarks on a journey with his niece to create a new invention that could change their lives forever.

The movie is a beautiful, colorful adventure with some surprising musicals. The magical nature of this plot appeals to all audiences and it captures the Christmas spirit very well. This is also a great watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming family holiday movie.

6 Christmas Stories (1983) – 90%

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where to watch a christmas story

Christmas story is a timeless classic seen by many families during the festive season. The series was so popular that some networks, such as TBS, streamed it 24 hours a day on Christmas Day.

The plot is filled with youthful humor and childhood antics that keep viewers entertained throughout. However, it is also a classic about a warm family that makes viewers appreciate what they have. It’s a nostalgic watch for the audience who grew up watching it and an exciting adventure for a new generation.

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5 Arthur Christmas (2011) – 92%

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Arthur's Mailroom in Arthur Christmas (2011)

Arthur Christmas is one of the best Santa Claus cartoons, although Santa is not the star of this plot. This heartwarming story follows Santa’s son Arthur on a mission to deliver toys to a little girl who never received a gift due to accidentally misplacing it.

This is a truly inspirational story for all ages. Arthur’s determination to make sure a child has a truly special Christmas is a great example of them not getting in the way when someone thinks someone needs help.

4 The Good Life (1947) – 93%

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George Bailey and the group from It's a Wonderful Life

it’s a wonderful life Many fans consider it a timeless classic. Despite being an old movie, many families still gather every Christmas season to watch this iconic plot. The moral of the story is important to audiences of all ages and telling those around them is the most important thing.

While some kids don’t enjoy watching old black and white movies, storylines are becoming more common as audiences get older. That is why many parents continue the annual tradition of watching this story with their families.

3 Little Girls (2019) – 95%

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The girls in Little Women (2019) stand side by side looking at something.

this adaptation little woman Not entirely faithful to the source material, but for many viewers that is what makes it such an interesting watch. This version of the March Sisters is more modern and accessible to younger audiences.

Although the main focus of the film is not based on Christmas, the film has two notable Christmas scenes, one of which is the opening scene, which is one of the most important scenes to highlight the difficulties. poverty of a poor family. This is a great holiday movie that outlines the importance of family.

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2 Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – 95%

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In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Santa is tied up and Jack wears a Santa suit.

Many viewers consider this to be one of the lightest horror movies for the whole family to watch. Nightmare before Christmas It can be considered a bit scary, there is no scene so scary that children can’t see it.

Not many movies can capture two different holidays at the same time, but this one captures both the spookiness of Halloween and the joy of Christmas. This slightly creepy story is more entertaining than scary, making it a great movie for all ages.

1 Claus (2019) – 95%

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Jesper and Klaus talk in the Christmas movie Klaus.

Santa Claus is one of Netflix’s best original animated series and it’s easy to see why fans love it so much. This adorable children’s movie offers a fun, heartwarming new origin story about the concept of Santa, while also incorporating some other lovable characters.

There are so many movies about Santa it’s hard to find one that stands out. However, this cartoon managed to do just that. Both kids and adults love this stoic woodcutter who loves making toys and how he started shipping them to kids in need.

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