10 Best Deckbuilding Video Games, Ranked

The deck building video game has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in 2022. The role-playing board game uses a collection of cards and requires the player to strategically plan to create the most powerful cards, allowing them to strengthen their characters and conquer the game in the easiest ways.

Of course, deck building games come in a wide variety and offer unique gameplay options based on player experience. Whether a beginner or an expert, in single player or multiplayer mode, the most satisfying deck building games offer players a unique set of challenges to explore endlessly.


For deck builders looking for a great introduction to the game of poker, Friday is a great, solo attempt to learn how to navigate the ropes of the genre. Players join Robinson Crusoe on an adventure on a deserted island, collecting buried treasure, fending off pirates, and fortifying their deck along the way.

great things Friday Yes, it’s designed specifically for solitaire, which means players don’t need to assemble others to play and learn deck building strategies. It is therefore a great starting point for deck branding and will certainly attract more players to more advanced games.

star schoolCards are displayed in the Star Kingdom

One of the most popular deck building games of 2022 includes astronomical world, a super balanced spaceship business and fighting game that never gets boring for a moment. Easy to learn and super fun to play, Star Realms is the next logical step starting Friday, as it’s designed for a two-player (now up to six) mode for gamers to improve their Battle skills. competition and teamwork.

In addition to being mechanically simple and affordable (about $15), astronomical world Portable, scalable, and award-winning for its perfect combination of sci-fi space combat and old-fashioned deck building that feels like Magic And domination. As such, it’s perfect for deck beginners looking to take the next step.

core world

Cards are displayed in the core world

In spite of famous domain And fight for the galaxy Worth talking about, core world is the next best spaceflight deck building game worth trying. The player departs on an imperial spaceship to conquer planets in the galaxy. To progress in space, the player must build ships and advanced technology to travel deep into space.

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Thanks to the awesome Galactic Order expansion pack, Core Worlds has been vastly improved and upgraded, making it one of the most compelling deck builders on the market. Players can buy troops, strengthen teams, attack planets, etc., all of which lead to serious consequences for strategic decision-making and one wrong move.


Cards show up in Clank!

in spite of tinkling! exist! space! is another worthy sci-fi deck builder and its dungeon-based predecessor, tinkling! , is the next best video board game for fans of the genre to try. In this exciting adventure game, players will take on the role of a thief and steal as many priceless artifacts as possible while dodging the wanderers defending their underground lair.

tinkling! is a great 2 to 4 player game that forces the player to come up with the best strategy imaginable, making the risk of the consequences of card collecting a real compromise. If players are too ambitious, they will definitely pay the price. If they are too passive, they also suffer endlessly. So for beginners to intermediate deck players, this is the perfect game to really sharpen their decision-making skills.

thunder mission

Cards shown in Thunderstone Quest

For gamers looking for a multi-story game that changes based on how the deck is built, thunder mission is the place to be. Major upgrade since 2009 thunder stonethe player enters a dungeon and is tasked with building spells, weapons, tools, and other items needed to slay a swarm of beasts.

what makes thunder mission What makes this deck builder special is its massive replay value. Since the game tells a specific story based on pre-selected dungeon tiles, heroes, vampires, and assist cards, there can be multiple outcomes depending on the particular in-game strategy the player uses. play done. even better is, thunder mission cooperative, allowing players to work with their friends instead of Friday.


Cards displayed in Hearthstone

Currently, Blizzard Entertainment’s Metascore for iOS is 93 heater Still one of the most acclaimed deck-building games of 2022. Besides being free to play, its mass appeal lies in its fast-paced gameplay, basic mechanics that anyone can play. study and beautiful artwork with impeccable attention to detail. , the game is built on ghost The legend is one of its main attractions.

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Voted by Forbes as the best digital card game of 2013, heater Witness countless upgrades that span the decades (including the awesome Boomsday Card expansion), bringing players to life in the medieval realm ghostThe best part about Hearthstone is the multitude of game modes, including One-on-one, Classic, Multiplayer, Arena, Brawl, Battlegrounds, Duels, and Mercenaries, making it the deck for those looking a more advanced challenge, ideal for builders.

the end of eternity

Cards that appear in Aeon's End

Released in 2019, the end of eternity is another very advanced and famous deck building game that requires complex cooperation to conquer. Players take control of one of four wizards defending the long-lost city of Gravehold from an enemy known as The Nameless, building their deck using runes, relics, gems, and minions.

When a team of up to four people considers a D&D-like setting, what sets Aeend What is different is its use of randomness. Instead of shuffling the player’s deck, the game shuffles the player’s turn order, forcing them to think ahead and strategize like a 4D chess player. Endless game options and unpredictable outcomes, the end of eternity is one of the hardest co-op deck builders out there and the pros will go all out trying to beat it.

Ascension Island

Cards appear in boost

supervised by predecessor magic party champion Justin Gary, Ascension Island Arguably the best card-based video game on Steam, for die-hard fans of the subgenre who want more difficulty. Continuously upgrade expansion packs (15 so far), Ascension Island Players are tasked with building their deck using runes, deftly balancing mental strategy with physical adventure game mechanics.

Despite the complexity of the challenges, Ascension Island It’s easy to learn and has a fast pace that keeps players engaged even if they figure out how to play early on. For those who are looking for the most satisfying multiplayer deck builder, Ascension Island is the way to go.

mage knight

Cards displayed on Mage Knight

in spite of magic arena always a safe bet, mage knight Will challenge even the most advanced deck builders to conquer the game in no time. Filled with challenging puzzles that require tough learning, players can take on the quest alone or team up with up to three others. Each character begins by drawing five cards, increasing to a total of 16 by defeating a host of fearsome enemies and solving a series of challenging puzzles.

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The most interesting part? Players actually build the game board themselves using blocks as some of the hints describe. As one of the four mage knights, the player can fight, conquer cities, explore kingdoms, control lands, and investigate mysteries. board game park In 2018, mage knight Exclusively for the most advanced gamers who prefer sensible strategy over simple adventure. It’s even a great single-player game for fans of multiplayer.


Cards displayed in Dominion

Recognized as the tycoon of all deck building games, domination Still at the top of the class. None of the other card games mentioned would exist without laying the groundwork for the entire card game genre. So it deserves the respect of the whole world.

The game that started it all, domination Set in a medieval kingdom, players can purchase cards to upgrade their deck to battle enemies, develop their character, and earn valuable points. As of 2022, the game has expanded 14x, providing countless options for players to spend hours navigating while installing decks including victory cards, curses, treasures, attacks, action and reaction. won many awards, domination A great starting point for beginners and a great challenge for professionals with access to the expansion packs.

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