1 Detail Reveals How The Cobra Kai Dojo Can Stay Open In Season 6

a detail from Grand cobra Season 5 explains how the dojo remained open after Terry Silver’s defeat. What happened in the season 5 finale gives the impression that the threat posed by the dojo has finally been resolved, but that may not be the case. It’s clear that they will still be an issue for Daniel, Johnny, and others before the series ends.

From the very beginning, Cobra Kai Dojo has been an integral part of the plot. Due to the change in leadership, they went from protagonist to main antagonist in the series. They’re the biggest problem Johnny, Daniel, and their fellow students have faced since season 3. But with Silver being caught in the season 5 finale, it looks like the show’s main characters for the first time have been caught up in the season 5 finale. won’t have to worry about Cobra Kai’s students causing trouble. This could lead to season 6 focusing on preparations for the Sekai Taikai. However, that doesn’t mean the Cobra Kai Dojo won’t be part of the equation.

Why Cobra Kai doesn’t have to end with season 6

When Cobra Kai met Sensei Kim at the airport in season 5, he laid the foundation for the dojo to have a future without Silver. Similar to what he suggested Mike Barnes Karate Boy Part ThreeSilver tells her that she will own 50% of Cobra Kai and calls her “his”.Business Partners.In other words, she doesn’t just help him run the dojo in Season 5; she owns half of it, so she can choose to keep opening doors for Cobra Kai no matter what happens to Silver. Because of this decision, Grand cobra As the show returns for its sixth and final season, there’s an easy way to maintain the dojo.

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sure, Grand cobra The season 5 finale created a rough patch for Kim in maintaining the student lineup. Silver’s appearance seems to have cost most of Cobra Kai’s students. In the finale, even Kyle is seen trying to stay away from the dojo. The capture of Terry Silver was certainly a heavy blow, but perhaps not insurmountable. In theory, Kim could try to recruit new students and win back those who have left by proving that her Cobra Kai is different.

Cobra Kai’s new villain has a reason to rebuild the dojo

Kim Dorn from Cobra Kai Season 5.

While Kim’s quest to rebuild Cobra Kai is a challenge, the character should be well motivated to do so. As revealed in season 5, Kim’s goal is to follow her family’s teachings through Cobra Kai. For Kim, there is no better way to get what she wants than to win a competition Grand cobra Part 6. With the dojo having entered the Sekai Taikai tournament, Kim has every reason to keep the dojo running, restore the dojo’s numbers, and train his students for the fiercest battles since so far.

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